Silliness & Food Funnies 2021

Pot melts

Guy in front doesn’t feel hot fat on his back

Be careful. Sometimes it hits your face or eyes.



Found these in the market. Ebay resale is pretty lucrative :wink:

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What is the flavor supposed to be? It it a “normal” Oreo just with different coloring? Please tell me it’s not something like Pink grapefruit and kiwi. :money_mouth_face:

it’s food coloring. Similar in taste to the vanilla Oreo’s. The Gaga album tie in is the art work embossed on each cookie wafer. UK was selling them on ebay two months ago while US fans just got access today. I found them at Stop & Shop; a huge display…$4.49 a pkg.

My niece and neighbor’s daughter screamed! I’m golden.


It’s a combination of Sour Candy and Dope.

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Sorry - I was Born This Way :upside_down_face:


You lil Monster you!

Pyrex glass baking dishes don’t seem to be safe at 450°F. Mercifully mine split into only two pieces.

They are safeR if they are heated fairly evenly and are undamaged before you start. If you put a large dense frozen item on it and put it straight into a hot oven, it’s more likely to break, because the dish is at two completely different temperatures. If it’s got a significant scratch on it, the scratch signals to the dish “Break Here Please”.

But sometimes they just break.

Aluminum cooks nicely, and doesn’t explode when heated. Just saying. :slight_smile:

FWIW ours broke roasting a small prime rib on a metal rack. 450° was to get a crust first, then around 350°. Not sure exactly at what point it broke.

You’re saying there was no actual food in the dish? (i.e. the roast wasn’t touching the glass?) IDK, I never thought of using that kind of dish that way.

When I look up the melting point of aluminum, I see that it’s over 1200°F. :grimacing:

Yes. That’s how I used it. The only metal roasting pan I had wouldn’t fit in the oven. I have a smaller one but had lent it to someone. I could swear I’ve used that same Pyrex at that temp before so maybe it was the metal stand focusing the heat?

Does the price stay the same? The size of the candies doesn’t.

Use an egg pan FFS

What’s so mysterious?

A new rice sort and it’s “plant based”

I think the “miracle rice” package is false advertising.

Where’s the chart chronicling size change from?

I’m probably saying something everyone else knows, but the Miracle Rice sounds like Konjac rice to me.

No idea. They probably just compared the size and weight from the 2 years (2014 and 2018).

Btw, for some reason the photo is not shown in full size. I had to click on the photo to see the rest.

Pizza jackpot


Btw, mushrooms from a tin on pizza?

I like the crust the most!

Too heavy to get rid of? Nah, I would love it, too. Gas cookers, 2 ovens, grill plate? Best of all it’s free with the house and still works.

Another one

The carpenter. No, not Richard, nor Karen.

How do I clean this oven?

Nature has delivered a free freezer.