Silliness & Food Funnies 2019

Caught on neighbors ring cam :bear:
This guy gives new meaning to take out, unusual in that it’s usually a dine and
dash scenario
Only silly because around here a fed bear isn’t a dead bear
due to the number of them, they are kind of part of the neighborhood
that said … bear proof containers are really the way to go … he surprised us
all with his early arrival


:heart::heart::heart: and that little napa snort


NJ was trying to make a salad but he failed!

I like the “L” in LGBT…

The biggest “mouse hold” (actual term) I’ve ever seen. Powerful fermentation but in bread case it is not a good thing.

On a pizza box



More bears vs leftovers
lunch and dinner buffet
I will no longer be going outside without something that I can make noise with

1st stop

Bear proof container, A for effort, these don’t always keep the bears out

A for effort

short cut … on the move

The mess maker award


I love that the mess maker had to lay down while chowing down at this house, apparently he wore himself out across the street …he left a nice mess on the front lawn


So many bears in your neighbourhood, you are in NJ?

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Yes and literally surrounded by state parks and forests and wildlife reserves


Look who joined the party
Someone is helping herself to bear leftovers


You really are in the woods!!!

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What happens in the summer when they smell BBQ?

Yuck or yum? (only available in the UK)

I wouldn’t mind this if they use pure chocolate.

You’ll get it if you know the actor’s name. His last name is not terribly common. Milbona is an Aldi brand, I think.

Becoming a normal sight now?

A bakery in Vienna sells this. I think it’s called “Matschbrötchen” there. Looks a lot like Dickmanns’ “chocolate kiss” in Germany. (The original names are not “politically correct” to use nowadays. The PC police ruin everything again.)

There are claw machines for everything now.

Haha… not me. When I have enough to drink I just want to sleep.

Tsk tsk tsk…

Good idea


If I want cheese cake, I will pay for a cheese cake and eat my cheese cake. None of this “Maybe, I can win a cheesecake…” BS! :thinking:

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First, I was fascinated to discover that biryani is considered by some Pakistanis to be a “junk food.” Also it was funny that the final paragraph was this:

It is time to shape up or ship out, boys.

Source: King Features Syndicate

I get the Popeye joke but geez! canned spinach?

All kidding aside, perhaps not as a child but as an adult I’ve enjoyed many a delicious Seder meal with family and friends


Jews got plagues? I think someone needs to take another scan of the Haggadah 'cause…that’s not how it goes.

“Silliness and Food Funnies”
happy holiday :slightly_smiling_face:
I am Jewish apologies if anyone is offended by this, not my intention … it is a joke.

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I know this

and I was pretty sure of this, too.

And I wasn’t offended. But over the past couple of years, I’ve started to find jokes like that somewhat less hilarious.

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I get that with the current climate, I feel the same way
I honestly was referring to my mindset when I was a kid

Big boy is back, he is a seasonal regular
headed directly towards the green container for a snack