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OMG, and stir fries are awfully “smelly”. I already cringe when I smell a bit of the stir fry in my living room, and the few bits that do waft upstairs to my bedroom. I can’t imagine sleeping right next to the stove and the kitchen. :scream:

And he’s got quite the electrical octopus on top of the bed headboard there. Maybe the smell in the kitchen is the least of his worries.

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So true…

Haha… Chicagoans hate ketchup on hotdog?

She forgot to time the corn and went back to facebook.

Seems legit

I looked and looked. WTF is it then? Then I realised what I was looking at!

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Challenging myself at dinner time


I have a sour tooth but eating a lemon like an apple is too much.

Wonder if the colour changes when cooked.

Did other burger joints do this, too?

I like both, just not together!



How nice of them. One of my problems is the farking loud music. Just turn it off. Everywhere. Pubs, restaurants, public places.

Hah! I notice lots of people eat and play on the phone at the same time. This sign also nails the FB interface (I’m guessing. Not a user of FB).

Thanks for the warning!

Chicago’s crime rate must be really high, huh.

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A 3 star, high end dining establishment reviewed in today’s Philadelphia Inquirer:

“The roasted tuna collar amandine, meanwhile, is Forsythia’s most daring dish, as well as its most divisive. And not simply because the staff asks diners to wear a linen bib.”

I’m on my way to the theater/ballet/concert and you’re serving me something so sloppy it requires a bib? I guess thanks for the bib :thinking:

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I hate saucy sandwiches and burgers, so I definitely would appreciate the warning. It’s why I only use condiments sparingly on any sandwich-like food that is liable to squirt or drip out. Plus it starts to make your bread or wrap soggy.

Why is it plugged in? I thought it was clever of the owner to repurpose an old microwave.

Looks so real. And how thoughtful of the husband.

The avocado must be hard because the pit is dangerously slippery.

A fun DIY project for you wine drinkers?


On a margarita diet and this is my shopping list:

I want to see the fine print under free tacos

Does anyone else do this?

Some people are evil. Sometimes they even live in your house.


Not really true anymore, is it? Some people want to do something different for a change.

Keep the peace, at least for one more day.

This is more like it

I’m thankful for them every single day of the year.


Somebody has actually done this. But what’s around the wine bottle?

If fermented it’s chicha. I drank it in Peru with indigenous farmers. Horrible stuff, really.

Making another trip is absolutely not possible. He could have brought his own shopping bag with wheels. The kind that has a metal frame and handles to push or pull.

Cool idea for a children’s party

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Isn’t he the TV cook/chef/presenter called Guy?

I dunno about this. I like my potatoes every which way but “juice” hasn’t crossed my mind.

Maybe the first half of this word is not visible on the line above it?

The egg is indeed an abomination. Food prep vids are also on pron sites now? See top of the pic.

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They actually have a point…


I just saw a remodeled McDonalds (only from the outside) and thought something very similar. It was quite a departure for the brand I thought.

I have not seen grey McD’s. I’m accustomed to seeing the red and yellow combo*. Where I am this combo is long gone and now it’s more green with some yellow.

*Apparently red and yellow combo tends to subconsciously trigger appetite, hence its popularity in logo design

Sitting on food prep counter

What’s the groom’s favourite food?

Haw haw…

Could come in handy. On holidays I usually drink alcohol out of paper or plastic cups. Considering bringing my own old wine glass on next trip.

Mc.D’s shoes!

No extra fries. It’s just an illusion.

FFS… you save 1 second.

Packaging for just one egg. I haven’t seen it here.


WTF??? This is just bizarro world!!!



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