Silliness & Food Funnies 2019

OMG, and stir fries are awfully “smelly”. I already cringe when I smell a bit of the stir fry in my living room, and the few bits that do waft upstairs to my bedroom. I can’t imagine sleeping right next to the stove and the kitchen. :scream:

And he’s got quite the electrical octopus on top of the bed headboard there. Maybe the smell in the kitchen is the least of his worries.

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So true…

Haha… Chicagoans hate ketchup on hotdog?

She forgot to time the corn and went back to facebook.

Seems legit

I looked and looked. WTF is it then? Then I realised what I was looking at!

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Challenging myself at dinner time


I have a sour tooth but eating a lemon like an apple is too much.

Wonder if the colour changes when cooked.

Did other burger joints do this, too?

I like both, just not together!



How nice of them. One of my problems is the farking loud music. Just turn it off. Everywhere. Pubs, restaurants, public places.

Hah! I notice lots of people eat and play on the phone at the same time. This sign also nails the FB interface (I’m guessing. Not a user of FB).

Thanks for the warning!

Chicago’s crime rate must be really high, huh.

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A 3 star, high end dining establishment reviewed in today’s Philadelphia Inquirer:

“The roasted tuna collar amandine, meanwhile, is Forsythia’s most daring dish, as well as its most divisive. And not simply because the staff asks diners to wear a linen bib.”

I’m on my way to the theater/ballet/concert and you’re serving me something so sloppy it requires a bib? I guess thanks for the bib :thinking:

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I hate saucy sandwiches and burgers, so I definitely would appreciate the warning. It’s why I only use condiments sparingly on any sandwich-like food that is liable to squirt or drip out. Plus it starts to make your bread or wrap soggy.

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