Silliness (2018 Thread)

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Yeah, I think so too. Like chlorine in the pool, let’s hope (food safety) inspections are good for something.

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Teenagers these days. Didn’t other generations just use a brown paper bag?

IIRC this restaurant is in London. Would hate to be a server here.

I’m the most unromantic person ever walks this earth but I’d take this! Don’t mind if I do!

Clever pie art.

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Party at my place, though my food and drink would be better.



Hasn’t happened to me yet. How could this have happened? I have an old glass lid that comes with a German fry pan, still use it regularly.


Joe’s Taco recipe sounds like something my son would have written in kindergarten.



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While obviously that’s a very significant talent, not sure I really appreciate it on my coffee. Maybe it’s just me.


How cold is your coffee by the time it gets to you?



That’s already the first thing I see in the morning. I don’t need it n my coffee. :dog:


lol … I feel your pain … in a good way!

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Repurposing a wheelbarrow.

I don’t have this struggle but then nobody wants my chocolate, which is 99-100% pure cacoa.

The inspector has arrived.

Nepalese (?) HRC.

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How I fry stuff.

I don’t know what to say… How do people let it come to this?

I often see photos of students eating a meal during lecture/class in the US. Never heard of such a thing here. There’s a reason the canteen exists. Partner says it’s not allowed.

Yeah, damn it, why.

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I am immature, but this made me LOL in the store when I spotted it.

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Made me laugh now - not even 7 AM!!

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I had to look up weed pen. So does it mean one can get high discreetly any time?

Garlic promotes hair growth but is it better to eat the garlic? Either way you still smell.

Use more material to make something look bigger…

Is this flavour popular or have they run out of ideas?

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yes, indeed

and while tomatoes are a fruit and can be pretty sweet, the thought of ketchup gelato makes me queasy :nauseated_face:


It’s a vape pen. It gives off visible vapor and it gives off same smell as smoke. Perhaps less obvious than pulling out and smoking a joint but people will notice. That was pretty funny. If they decided to keep or switch out the pen it could have been a very costly mistake depending on what was in there.

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I live in a legalized state, have only had 1 or 2 vape pens and don’t recall them giving off actual smoke or much odor, but then again they do tend to make one forgetful. :grin: Some I guess, but not as much as smoking flower - at least the small weed ones like in the pic, I’ve definitely seen people with much larger units billowing out tons of vapor, but those are usually tobacco.