Silliness (2018 Thread)

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Japanese idea of pizza.

I don’t like Ranch dressing and don’t think I would like this soda either.

Meanwhile in Italy…

Is there no quality control. Read the label.


Instructions for western potty in five languages.

Squat toilet?? Blank wall.


Sort of reflects the current state of affairs in some way :cry:

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^^ Just like that pizza-eating dog gif upthread except the child knows she doesn’t get any pizza :pizza:

Maybe it used to be 40 or they think they can fool junk food eaters.

New use for your old microwave.

Haha… clever.

This is why I never have people over or a house party.




I’m laughing now, but was not spared having had a Caesar salad out two days
before the lettuce hit the fan ( the culprit was identified) !!!

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No more unsightly brown avocados. Vac sealing prevents oxidisation then? Haven’t seen these here yet.

I have NO desire to visit this sort of country anyway!

Don’t have to use the word meat…

Presumptuous much?


Homer Simpson eats his way through New Orleans.

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Thanks. I’m going to watch this episode.

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the deconstructed restaurant:



How exactly does one wash away 10 tons of chocolate with water?

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Just saw that last night. Horrible scene. I’d scoop it up and dump it somewhere else more appropriate, not spraying it off the road and into the fields around it.

Dinner yesterday:

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Some people might freak out.

School canteen food.

Some people bring peacocks and vultures so why not this

They have actually made pod-like candies now.

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Hot water, and lots of it!

It’s more curious to me that chocolate would be transported in a tanker truck. It would have to be kept warm to keep from solidifying. A semi full of solid chocolate seems so much easier. Maybe this was chocolate syrup?


Industrial ‘chocolate’ that goes into the pods?

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My guess is it’s actually a septic truck that they didn’t want to create a panic in the surrounding areas.


Heated tankers are a thing.

I used to work for an asphalt company…stuff has to be kept warm or there’s no way to get it out of the truck and onto the road or roof.

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My kind of birthday cake!

Omg, where is this, China? In the spot used to rinse mops and drain filthy buckets.

they start drinking younger and younger now. But seriously, did they really think it was a good idea to use a child in this advert?

Everything is black at this McD.

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That picture could just as easily be in China Town NYC as it could be China. Honestly people have no idea how bad some kitchens are.