Silliness (2018 Thread)


Yeah, the vape pens for tobacco give off huge plumes of vapor, the weed ones, not so much. In my experience they have a fruity smell which dissipates very quickly, and they don’t smell of cannabis much if at all.


Maybe it is my hallucination :wink: (yes, it is much less noticeable).

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What the hell did she cook before it got to this state?

This is in the US, no doubt. Here we don’t have such an enormous mayo section like this. Chileans are huge mayo eaters, I think even more than Americans.

Apparently this is a new trend in Africa, stacks of bread slices instead of an expensive wedding cake.


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Haven’t seen this flavour anywhere yet.

At first I thought it was Pringles…

New kind of terrorism at the beach.


This one tries.


Those birds are scary.

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Happened to my son at Disney! Dam seagull swooped down and took his crispy cream donut!


Happens all the time at the beach…some of the concession stands here have hung canopies to keep them at bay.

Funny how the same tourists who think it’s cute to feed the seagulls on the beach don’t think it’s so funny when they’re being divebombed…

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Just saw this yesterday… A pensioner kills a seagull because it steals a chip.
This pest is protected!

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Well …

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That’s hilarious. Maybe that board was drawn by the petition’s creator?

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Interesting story, although per the article the bird was still alive and brought to a vet. I’m curious if there is any disease that can be transmitted from them when they touch your food. I would think although protected if they are “attacking” or causing possible damage to person, or property including food, you should have the ability to protect yourself and property from it. I know if I had the reflex or had seen it swooping towards my sons donut, I certainly would have taken a swing at it.

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Like feral pigeons and other animals, seagulls are disease carriers. The first obvious thing that could make us ill is their fresh droppings. I didn’t know it could be worse than pigeons, though.

I would take a swing at it also but we almost never see it coming. Next time I am at the beach I have to watch out for these winged rats.

From pest control:

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I didn’t know this. Do all dishwashers in Switzerland have a programme for fondue and raclette dishes? (@bcc)

This has happened to me. The other time it’s pepper or salt.

Way too much mayo!

When Japanese write something in English I often don’t know what they really mean. Maybe they mean it’s very spicy here?


Ours doesn’t.

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I live in 1 of the countries that’s very known for its cheeses and have never seen a dishwasher with a cheese programme. Pretty cool idea, though. I was in Romanshorn for only a couple of days visiting an old friend who had move there from Germany, this did not come up in our conversation. I know of someone in Geneva, I will ask her… haha.


I don’t know if it changes anything, but we bought our dishwasher in Germany. We’re close enough to the border that delivery doesn’t cost extra, and the prices there are much lower than here.

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Mine is also German and no fondue programme. Maybe some brands customise for Swiss market.


If you haven’t gone through death via chilis, you haven’t lived.

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^^ I get the hot part, but nowhere does it state the flavour.

In Australia.

Don’t they turn brown fast and can’t people peel anymore?

Haha… the amount of cheese is correct.

I was reading a German food mag and saw this advert. Food adverts on telly also have people making selfies these days. Cheese makes me happy too but why selfie in a food advert though? I’d rather see a mouthwatering photo of the cheese. I think they just play with the phrase used in the advert, “a piece of happiness”.