Silliness (2018 Thread)


I love that she tries. I had her chicken cooked in a bag. Seriously moist and juicy. After all my attempts of trying to cook the perfect chicken. I had to bow down. Hers was better. :relieved:


I read the White Trash cookbook. It was actually a moving memoir of growing up poor and making do with one what had and could afford.

There are many cookbooks that combine those themes, for many countries and cultures.


I still remember the mention of peanuts in Pepsi - eat and drink at the same time! - which was described in the book (if memory serves) as so trashy that the woman the author credits with the “recipe” didn’t want to be associated with it.

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Finally some practical use for peeps.



Cell phone holder is brilliant.

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How to get your pet to eat veg.


This came up in my Facebook feed today. I have no idea why, nor the slightest inclination to pursue it. It just seemed like something that belonged HERE.

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Too funny I saw this on Facebook too but was to busy to pursue why it was there.


It’s a Mormon thing.


It’s a recipe made from frozen hash browns, sour cream, cream of chicken soup, and cheese. It’s actually really tasty, and always, always turns up on a potluck table. Potlucks frequently happen for funerals…and there you have it.

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In a recent review I read they were to die for…


We’ve just always called them cheesey potatoes. Not very exciting, but accurate!

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Sounds exciting to me!

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Did someone say cheese?

Cheesy potatoes sounds delicious to me! Truffada and Tartiflette! :cheese:


No, I don’t have any idea how I end up being the one who knows about all these weird American casseroles. I’ve never made hot dish (upthread) but have eaten it a few times – and the cheesey potatoes used to be a regular thing at my family’s holiday meals…right up until three of us started Weight Watchers and I’m now dairy-intolerant (dammit).

This one is actually really good, especially if you use a good cheese (I’ve even made it with Mimolette)

Those in Europe can substitute bechamel for the cream of chicken soup, and creme fraiche for the sour cream

We’ve always baked ours in the oven, where it gets a delicious brown crunchy crust – 375F/190C til brown and bubbly.

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Sounds good, Sunshine. Thanks!

Big Dave makes it easy for you to choose a pizza with visual aid.

Oh man, anything (dumb) for IG/FB now.

Should have this everywhere. But in Switzerland stealing or vandalising is not commonplace, is it? Here it won’t last from both thieves and arseholes.

LOL it got me.


A Schaukaeserei is a cheese maker with public demonstrations of the entire process.

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Thanks for that. Cool idea and would be a nice visit. Just had a look at Engelberg site. Interesting that it’s the only Swiss cheese production in a Monastery. It’s quite normal in Belgian monasteries.

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This is either the most brilliant thing I have ever watched, or the stoopidest. I just can’t decide which…I offer you “Cows with Guns”


The main character is a “he” with an udder. So…clearly not the most brilliant. Unless cows have gone non-binary, and I didn’t get the memo.