Silliness (2018 Thread)


Looks to be Turkey, based on the website of the manufacturer:



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Hmmmmmm… @sck is this the Mrs?

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Rib eye fish is the new species.


I would have used steak fries for the fins.

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This is what happen when you have cheap knives!

Look again.

Haha… I don’t like it when someone cooks or slices or cleans. Control freak and a perfectionist cooks and cleans alone.

They can’t use the official name, Spongy is close enough. But isn’t the character copyrighted as well?

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Yeah, diets are stupid.

How to trick your child to take medicine without them throwing a tantrum.



The first child didn’t notice that the can wasn’t open eh LOL. At least the second parent tried a little harder.

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The only person who could eat all this meat is Homer Simpson.

Husband goes through wife’s things and finds…

What exactly do they cook? I see beans, tabasco, baking soda, crackers on the cover.

Host makes it crystal clear.


Obelix? Iss dein drittes Wildschwein, Obelix! (Eat your third wild boar, Obelix).


What goes into white trash cooking depends on what’s being made…like most cuisines.

I’ve had an awful lot of delicious food that was prepared by people who some would consider white trash

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I don’t even know what “white trash” means any more. If it only means poor white people, then one should not simply assume they don’t cook well. I am sure some of them don’t cook well, but also some of them do. It isn’t like rich white people definitely can cook better. In fact, there is definitely a stereotype of rich white people eat out a lot and have a shiny kitchen (kitchens which are more decorative than functional) that they don’t do much beyond making salad and sandwich.


I love my friend who makes tater tot casserole.


I was referring to the Homer Simpson bit, not the White Trash.


Did you forget our own mixed-grill champ @NotJrvedivici?

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And I have the badge to prove it !!!

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^^ I must have forgotten it then. Never doubt him again!

Haha… good one. He does have Homer’s body. I never got into
but I was obsessed with Tintin.

Can you tell us more about this casserol? I read they like many things ending with “casserole”.

I still think the term “white trash” is harsh. Anyway, I look up the foods these poor people eat. They make what they think is delicious with the most basic and cheapest ingredients. Most things deep-fried are loved. They tend to chuck all kinds of tinned food into 1 dish.

Here’s a description by someone “Hot dog casserole is, It’s sliced hotdogs, corn, chopped onions, tomato soup, pickle relish, pasta (Like macaroni or something), butter, and a squeeze of mustard.”

Hey, not gonna lie, I sometimes mix several different leftovers together but maybe I’m a bit more creative. I don’t know.

I heard one the radio sometime ago about donated food that went wasted because the people who received it didn’t know how to cook.


I think she browns some hamburger and mixes it with beef soup , then puts the mixture in a shallow casserole dish. Tops with the tater tots. I guess it’s supposed to be kind of like shepherds pie.


You’re absolutely right…white trash is very insulting.

It’s simple food…this is by definition a population with neither the education nor the experience to have sophisticated palates, so things tend to be simple. Not everything is fried…and much is smoked (which cam be delicious)

For tater tots casserole, here a recipe for Minnesota Hot Dish…Minnesota is about as far from being the poor southern region usually considered white trash…and hotdish shows up on potluck tables at all levels of society