Silliness (2018 Thread)

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^^ Haha…

Only pepperoni and cheese pizza print so far.

Did they meet here or is a whole kebab on spit cheaper than the cake?

Husband successfully avoids going shopping.

They start young these days.

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Another take on “farm-to-table”:



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Poor Paul…hahahhahahaa

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Know your vegs and flowers!

Free pizzas?

Sushi fan.

New use for popcorn.


Yum, road kill!!!

Beats eating flat raccoons.

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I hope the popcorn doesn’t have butter and salt on it!


Thus was.pretty common in the mid 90s when the details started to come out about how awful Styrofoam peanuts are for the environment. I remember getting quite a few shipments packed with actual popcorn until the cornstarch peanuts and air packs came into common use.

The popcorn is really good packing material…the vermin it draws are really bad.


I’ve seen it as a low-cost “hack” online too, for shipping. No salt no butter popcorn packed around your shipped goods – cheaper than buying bubble wrap or syrofoam peanuts.


KFC’s cheeky viral add in response to it’s UK chicken shortage

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Coffee is coffee?

Cool but I don’t want to make my beer warm.

I don’t but I always see people eat samples.

Is this a home-made rig? Why does he grill the pineapples and why so high up?

Probably Peruvian corn. So pretty.


I hope they washed down that shopping cart seat. What else was on it before except lots of babies’ butts.

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Yeah, it’s so gross.

When shopping I put my stuff in flimsy plastic bags for fruits. I don’t usually buy a full basket of things anyway, just grab a few items and make my escape.


Unless babies’ butts have changed a lot, whatever one might find on a visibly unsoiled, diapered, clothed baby butt is not going to find its way through a paper or plastic cup.


This is the Sichuan husband and wife beef app dish:


Perfect soup for today if you live in the North eastern part of the US

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Hmm… looks a bit familiar. Not sure in which country this knockoff is sold.

What do all the characters mean?

EU customs won’t even let you through with marzipan or preserve.

The “Doctor” is popular.