Silliness (2018 Thread)


Maybe for a Star Wars themed viewing party.


lol … first time seeing these, semi disgusting but funny

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What’s in anchovy dressing? Whatever that is, this is not it.

Too dry!

Haha… clever secret snacker.

Just what the GF wants.

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Jesus, Mary and Joseph! There is a God!! Someone tell me a double quarter pounder with cheese is a possible cure for ED (asking for a friend of course) then don’t ever wake me from this dream!!! I might be gain another 50lbs but I’ll have a lions mane!!!


I saw this and though to myself - what on earth were those researchers really trying to do when they discovered this?!?!


I’m pretty sure it was what they had done before they got the munchies for Mickey D’s french fries.

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This was NotJrV’s food last game weekend!

PS: off topic but I want to know… just read Alaska and NJ are the most expensive states in the US. Alaska I can imagine but how is NJ so expensive? Taxes? What else? Keep it “silly” if possible.

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I must say, I laughed.


@NotJrvedivici We could be heroes!


That should get better now with a new Governor… but McDonalds burgers and fries are likely to suffer severe sales drops… or did he not pay??


Ha, this was my avatar during super bowl weekend!


Ha, that was my avatar over the weekend!

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Thank you both. Christie is some character. So many hilarious and negative comments about him on the web. Good that’s his political career has ended. But you guys still see him, on NBC these days.

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These ridiculous giant pepper mills are still in use. Does the woman look embarrassed?

Bacon flavoured sauce in Sweden. I haven’t seen it here.

Don’t think it’s for the neighbourhood squirrels.

Meat loaded pasta? Looks like something a food truck sells.


She’s embarrassed for him, and thinking “sheesh, overcompensate much?”

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