Silliness (2018 Thread)



LucasFilm: Hey, Bounty! We’ll pay you to put a Star Wars logo on your paper towels.
Bounty: Sounds good.

It might not actually work this way, but I think the production company benefits more here than the paper company.


No need to ‘plain marketing behind this. image


I can guarantee that Star Wars isn’t paying for any cross branding. I’m betting this is targeting the “old” fans and I bet they are buying. Remember the original came out in the 70’s right? And those fans are insanely loyal.


actually it’s the other way round. The paper company pays the studio for branding rights.

The market is not just collectors and nostalgia buffs, but families with kids who are fans, and people who just go buy a roll of paper towels and don’t care what is on it.


Who pays Doordash delivery $7.99 to get a $7.99 value meal delivered?


It doesn’t make sense for 1 meal, but if you’re ordering 4-5 meals, it’s worth it. We’ve done it here at work before – we ordered 9-10 breakfast meals and paid $7 for delivery. Worth not having to send one person out for 40 minutes to go, get the food, and drive back.


For all my New Jersey friends :joy::joy::joy:

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Are Jerseyers slops? :thinking:

Never happens to me.

Got ripped off by an avocado.

Was on FB and forgot I had dinner in the oven!

New gadget for your phone and snacks. I need one that can hold a screen 2m/6,5ft long.


This one makes no sense. The smaller the seed, the more avocado you get. It’s not a ripoff, it’s a gift!

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Sorry I forgot the attach the correct photo. Here it is.


Presunto, if you have a Facebook account go to “Chris Christie beach chair memes”
He is our former Governor, a notorious fellow, give him a google.

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Oh, now I know. Thanks. I do remember this news story on CNN now that I see the photo:


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It exits somewhere.

I used to eat these biscuits as a child and still remember the box was used to store sewing stuff.

McD prices in the early 70’s. It was that cheap? Nothing over a dollar.

Doctor said I could have only 1 glass of wine…

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I can’t wrap my head around this. Internet is full of laundry detergent eating jokes these days.





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I don’t see why they had to waste a perfectly good pizza like that.


This may help explain:

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Thanks. The article also mentions other stupid “challenges”. Let natural selection does its work then.


Only if there is no family or friends to mourn.

I agree it’s stupid…but I’m watching a co-worker deal with the loss of her oldest daughter (car accident that was not her fault), and there is no depth to the pain and ache of a parent who has lost a child senselessly.

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Why so coarse? I must seem naive and mild-mannered to you people.

I’m rubbish at baking but how is this possible? Where did it go wrong? The pre-packaged mix, added to much water? Or the oven?

Not good!