Silliness (2018 Thread)


No cheese sauce packets in this house … strictly powder
I have given up on making mac and cheese … it is not appreciated

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Funny, actual mac-n-cheese is something I have grown to appreciate more as I’ve gotten older now than ever before. I really enjoy “playing” with recipes because you can honestly do anything and it’s always going to come out “ok”, but you have such broad combinations to try, I really enjoy making and sampling it. Let alone truffle oil has pretty much ruined mac n cheese for me too.


brilliant analogy or in this case comparison
can someone clarify for me … TIA

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I ate M&C as a teenager. Never again since. Now I make it myselfwith nice cheese. :triumph:

(Illegal) BBQing when you live in a flat. Metal rods of clothes lines hold the grill in place securely.

I eat mine in row and slowly.

Presumptuous much? I think all Thai women are good cooks, TBH.

Spoke too soon.

What’s Olive Garden’s food like?

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Never doubt me:



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Wait . . . Olive Garden is Italian food?

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Ran out of plates.

I remember the candy but not the slogan. Is it new?

In some hotel rooms in China they leave the plastic cover on lamp shades and other things on purpose.

Which is worse? Hand or tongue?

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Pizza in another part of the world.

Even “ensalata mixta” in Argentina looks better and they don’t really eat vegetables there!

Not for my pets.

Hey, you forgot the sauce dots.

A new trend? Far cheaper than a wedding cake for sure.


"Ok seriously I asked for a vegetarian appetizer and the guy brought me an apple slice. Literally a plate with one slice of an apple. Is this some kind of joke?

I haven’t even gotten my main course yet (or main appetizer for that matter) yet felt compelled to write a yelp review."


This website is hilarious!

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Thanks, Bookwich.

Hate the seeds.

Haha… but rather a recipe than something deeply personal.

Food tattoo.

You’re not supposed to remove the thing with wheels, but notice there’s another use for the umbrella.

Why is this not more common?



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I"m not sure this falls under the category of “silliness”, perhaps I need to start a new thread titled “digustingness” , but I actually saw this on a TGIF’s menu last night. How the f#ck does a restaurant serve something that has 7270 calories? That’s literally 3-4 days of caloric intake in one…one meal!!! (yes it says “large” portion, but let’s not kid ourselves that individual people don’t order that for themselves either as a meal or an app) WTF???


And now for the explanation of why you were at a TGIF for dinner .… hmmmm - serves you right. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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You know what, I had a particularly shitty night and by the time my night ended it was late and I went to the first gin mill that was serving food, TGIF. After seeing the caloric values on the menu, and already partaking in some vodka, I settle for wings and brussel sprouts which SUCKED. (as does the day after agida)

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NotJrv, I think they expect you to eat nothing for 3 days after eating a 7+k calories. :scream_cat:

Brussels sprouts = yum

No chicken at all at this KFC. I thought it was KFC.


Some people only buy the Kinder Surprise eggs for the toys. I do, too. My partner eats the chocolate in my case.


I don’t think you’re meant to eat the whole thing yourself. :pig::pig::pig:

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Someone want to explain the marketing behind this? Are my paper towels supposed to inspire my movie selection? Is The Force more absorbent? Ummm excuse me do you have any more of the Steel Magnolias paper towels??

Are 10-15 year old boys really the prime paper towel purchasing demographic??