[SFBA] Silicon Valley, Hayward to Milpitas news and notes

A general topic for Silicon Valley for items that don’t warrant their own. Chinese restaurant tracking goes to @Hyperbowler’s Regional Chinese topic.

Saravana Bhavan is opening a branch in Milpitas, in the same mall as 99 Ranch.

New high end Japanese place, called Hiroshi, due to open in Los Altos on 328 Main Street.

For those who like Korean: Chef Paik Jong-won’s Korean chain Hong Kong Banjum 0410/ Paik’s Noodle is serving up Korean Chinese dishes jajangmyeon, jjamppong, tangsuyuk, bokkeummyeong in Santa Clara for a couple of months now. Not that it affects the quality of the dishes in any way, though the guy is apparently big in Korea.

Bezawada, a new place in Milpitas serving Andhra Pradesh food, is open.

Moo Bong Ri, the Korean soondae/ blood sausage joint with shops in Korea, LA, NJ and now here. Here’s a rec of the NJ branch from @joonjoon from a couple of years back:

First H-Mart in NorCal is coming Wednesday. on DeAnza.

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Drove by there today, didn’t realize it isn’t open yet. Will go back in a couple of weeks. Wow, there are really cool places to eat in that little strip, but its too crazy on a Saturday!

BTW, Bonchon is coming to Castro Street.

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Thanks sck for the info on Bonchon coming to Castro - as if parking & traffic isn’t crazy enough there already!

They have a few eateries in there, Yuyu Zazang, SGD Tofu, and Hambak Japanese fusion eatery. I haven’t been, and probably won’t be for a while. The lines were absurd.

Bulk fish ball bin- if the quality is any good without a bunch of MSG/ preservatives, I’ll be thrilled.

Total Wine & More now has a store in Mountain View next to Costco.

Ngoc Suong- New place on Alum Rock in San Jose for pho, bun bo (spicy beef noodle), bo ne (steak and egg) and nui xao bo (stirred fried pasta) and mi quang (noodles from the Quang Nam province).

Momos at Momo Grill Truck at Mary/ el Camino in Sunnyvale. Reported to be from the people who ran the shuttered Momo Grill in Santa Rosa. Here’s a report from last year on Momo Grill.

Before eating a meal at Obed Mediterranean a couple of doors away, I saw that Oasis Baklava, originally of San Carlos, has relocated their operations to this strip mall in Sunnyvale. They were closed so I couldn’t see very clearly the interior. But those who like their Middle Eastern sweets can now get it at a presumably-still-less-than-retail price there. If you order a half sheet of baklava, they can tone down the sugar for you.

College Terrace Market, the new grocery project from Miki Werness (previously of Miki’s Farm Fresh on Alma in Palo Alto), is opening today in Palo Alto. They are located on El Camino Real near Cal Ave. I popped my head in yesterday when I noticed activities inside the store and chatted briefly with Miki and Chris the co-owners. They are putting some last minute touches on the store. The space is about the size of a typical Trader Joe’s. It looks to be a pretty ambitious project being a full service grocery store- with bakery, meat, fish counters, deli, coffee/ icecream bars. Some of the items have not arrived yet when I checked it out.

  • Bakery: they bake their own baked goods (croissants, cakes, etc)
  • Meat: Boar Head
  • Fish: they get their delivery today.
  • Icecream bar: Straus
  • Cheese: buyer is Matthew. the selection is more scaled back and mainstream versus Miki’s, which is understandable since they are just starting out. One can special order cheese with Matthew. Saw selections like Ewephoria, Laura Chenel’s, a 15 mo comte, a Point Reyes toma

Obvious comparison is to the nearby Country Sun, which is more of a vitamin/ supplement store with basic grocery while College Terrace Market seems to be a grocery store first with a sizable prepared food section that probably targets the Stanford and nearby office crowd. Selection seems to be a mix between mid-range and high-end.

Time will tell whether this store will succeed. Its part of a real-estate deal with the city to include a grocery store in the larger office complex, and meant to replace JJ&F Market when the original building was torn down.

Fast Tony’s Chicken at Palo Alto Town & Country Village opened today. I normally avoid eateries at this mall, because of price/ quality and proximity to the high school across the street. But the chef worked at Pizzeria Delfina and grew up eating Texas fried chicken. So I am curious about the food. Next to Belcampo.

From a few weeks ago:

Something different for Bay Area, or South Bay. I need to get my ass to this one: Noodle Hut in Milpitas, noodles and porridge from Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Has anyone been?

This place also sounds interesting:

Filipino street food in Hayward, lots of grilling/ satay:

Hanoi Chicken Noodle in San Leandro has some dishes labeled as Chiu Chow and Hainanese. Anyone try this place?

Looks like the food at Hanoi is Vietnamese Chiu Chow versus Chao Shan Chiu Chow.

Elena Kadvany has some good scoops for the month.

Looks like Ramen Nagi, a chain based out of Tokyo who won Tokyo Ramen of the Year Award in 2013, is opening up their first US branch in Palo Alto in 2018. Has anyone had their ramen before?

A chef who has cooked at Per Se, Cotogna, Quince and Outerlands is opening a restaurant in Menlo Park.

My take: Menlo Park diners seem to like ‘safe’ restaurants, however.

Flea Street now has a deck serving oysters. Oyster selection seems pretty decent.

From Kadvany:

Yotam Ottolenghi will speak at the Oshman Family JCC in Palo Alto on Tuesday, Oct. 3, with pastry chef Helen Goh.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold

Market stall in Lima
Credit: TXMX 2