[SFBA] Silicon Valley, Hayward to Milpitas news and notes

The 71 year old San Jose Japantown handmade tofu institution is closing at the end of the year.

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The SoCal sandwich chain Mendocino Farms has opened up shop in Campbell. A little far from me. Perhaps those who has been can comment on quality. They are opening up a couple more in 2018- near Santana Row, and in San Mateo.

I forgot to mention that T.B. Mezze, a Turkish restaurant, is now open on Murphy Avenue in DT Sunnyvale.

Los Carnalitos, whose truck has IMHO the best al pastor in the Bay Area, opened up a brick and mortar in Hayward. Mexico City and Puebla sandwiches including cemitas And fresh masa items

Papaito rotisserie, which has Guatamelan and Peruvian elements, also opened in Hayward, and is off to a good start— I’ll write a report once I get through the menu

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I have been wondering about Papaito. Are the owners from Guatemala and Peru?

Savory Wraps in San Jose is serving banh cuon, mi quang, curry chicken, banh uot, etc.

Phu Quy serves Central Vietnam specialties- bun bo hue, mi quang, etc. in the Dynasty Plaza. Looks good.

Orenchi now has a third branch in Redwood City. If they are able to keep the quality the same as Santa Clara, then its easily the best ramen option in southern Peninsula. (are there even other ramen places around there until we get to PA/ MV?)

I am not sure where to put this. But ownership changed for Ramen Hachi in Burlingame. Now its called Ramen Saryo Hachi.

Protege, run by two French Laundry alum is now open for dinner on Cal Ave in Palo Alto. Anthony Secviar spent 6 years at TFL and was promoted to sous chef during his time there. Dennis Kelly was the master sommelier.

Soft opening to walkins for these few days. Taking reservations for 22nd onwards. Although I don’t see any available reservations. ETA: I just called (and I think the chef answered, Thur/ Fri/ Sat this week is booked. Next week’s reservations will open up next week. Walk-in to the lounge tonight is available first come first serve.

Across the street from Baumé/ Fedex.

Looks like Rose Market Mountain View will be back soonish. The exterior sign is up. They now have a space facing El Camino. Somehow seeing it in a fancy new space doesn’t quite compute for me. Hopefully they get a good deal on rent and are able to keep grilling.

Taverna the Greek place is now open near Univ avenue in Palo Alto. From Evvia alum. Seems to be fully booked online all the time. Has anyone been?

530 Bryant st, Palo Alto, CA
(650) 384-6500

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Hmmph, at these kind of prices- 3 for $16 with some cost extra, might as well go to Taco Cala. How do they taste?


First, near University Ave in PA, then in Valley Fair.

I guess I will have to go some time!

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Ito has been traveling to Japan and Singapore to train on the special noodle-making machine. He came up with a slightly different udon noodle that’s more “delicate, thinner (and) flatter” than is typical. The machine will make his custom version and a traditional one. He’s also looking to make a gluten-free noodle.

The noodles will be made fresh and on view from the dining room of the restaurant, located between Cocola Bakery and a soon-to-open smart kitchen appliances store called Brava, across from Sigona’s Farmers Market. The noodles will also be available for sale.

Ito is planning to put his own spin on the broth and incorporate ingredients such as uni, duck and short rib.

I missed this news earlier. I was somewhat interested about this fine-dining Korean, until I got to the end- $150-$180 pp. Ugh. First Lazy Bear with that communal table. Now this.

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Honghe Hani Rice Terraces, Yuanyang County, Yunnan
Credit: inkelv1122, Flickr