SFBA shelter-at-home delivery/take-out roundup

Let’s use this thread to aggregate other Covid-19-related Hungry Onion threads and outside pages, and provide a one-stop resource for members living throughout the Bay Area.

Lists of open restaurants (take-out or delivery)

Pre-prepared meals from commercial kitchens

  • NextDish same day orders of Chinese dishes from commercial commissary & partner restaurants

  • Thistle one-dish “plant-based” meals, which you can optionally supplement with chicken, turkey, pork, or shrimp

Grocery delivery

Farmer’s Markets

Food donations & fund drives

Restaurant delivery

If you want to help your local restaurants out during the Covid-19 crisis, ask the restaurant which service benefits them most-- some of these have predatory practices and/or take bigger cuts than others.


Doordash and Grubhub also support pick-up. Those seem to be the best sources for the “restricted menus” some places are doing, even if you call in so they don’t have to pay the doordash and grubhub fees.

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Has Yelp suspended their questionable practice of re-routing restaurant phone numbers directly to Grubhub and charging fees without the user, or in many case’s, restaurant’s knowledge?

Edit: look at the number my phone is calling vs the number listed. Looks like they have the same crappy practice.

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Mission Local has an article on places open (in the Mission, obviously). The map is not up to date but there’s a number of places listed in the comments that aren’t in the Chronicle list. Quite a few taquerias look like they’re still open.


The Press Democrat has a continuously updated list for restaurants offering take out and/or delivery in Sonoma County.


Oakland restaurants in this list that deliver or have takeout and which delivery operation service the restaurant. The spreadsheet was compiled by the Oakland Chamber of Commerce:


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Wow, check out the Chronicle’s grocery delivery page. Tons on there, and as of today, they’ve noted services that are experiencing issues:

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