COVID opens [ Peninsula ]

A list of restaurants which are open for takeout on the peninsula, because I’m not driving 20 minutes.

Left Bank, Menlo Park - till 7:30pm, moderate menu
Oren’s - restricted menu?
Rangoon Ruby, PA - 40 minute wait when called, but at least open
Mayfield - a single set dinner with Main, Starch, Desert

I’ve seen others that claim to be open, but these are ones I’ve actually called and answered the phone. Look forward to other reports.

Left Bank, closed
Dan Gordon’s, open takeout till 8:00
Back a Yard, open?
Dosa Point, Open
El Gruellense Grill ( RWC near the target, not “old el gruellense” )
Karakade? Thaibodia?
Broadway Masala
Steam, PA
Osteria, PA
Curry Up Now, PA
Delfina, PA
Taste, PA
Howie’s Pizza ( leaving out most pizza places, but I love howie’s )
Su Gong Dong Tofu House
Cooking Papa
Armadillo Willy’s
Tam Tam ( the new viet place by the Tamerine people )
Old Port Lobster Shack
Redwood Bistro Chinese
iDumpling ( great northern style dumplings )
Sancho’s Taqueria
Red Hot Chilli Pepper ( the desi chinese place in san carlos )
Amber India
Dumpling Garden
Naomi Sushi
Shiok ( malaysian! )
Local Union 271 ( upscale american in the old University Cafe space )
Zareen’s Mountain View
Eureka! Mountain View
Green Elephant ( burmese )
Guru Katsu ( the katsu specialist in MV, talk about comfort food )
3 Pigs BBQ San Carlos
Himalayian Kitchen ( good indian, Mt View @ 85 )

Not much interest it seems! Instead of continually editing, I’ve put together my own tracking sheet in case anyone’s interested.

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Kemuri in Redwood City is open for pick up.

Redwood Bistro - open for takeout
IDumpling - open for takeout.
Crouching Tiger - open for takeout

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I’m still looking for a place that’ll do cocktails - togo and delivery - mostly because it’s a novelty.

Kemuri is on my list of good bar places that might do it - any leads?

Kemuri will only serve their cocktails if they can get their bartender to come in. We ordered from them on Sunday and ask if they we could pick up some cocktails to go but their bartender did not come in that day. You might wanna call first to check.

Got an email from Flea St Cafe that they are doing take out cocktails.

Also the Six Fifty is doing a running list of opens on the peninsula and now has a map.

Just to clarify, the Six Fifty’s map is now where they’re saying the most up to date information from them will be.

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