Sf Bay Area 23-24 Dungeness crab season! Time for the delay!

CLIMATE California Dungeness crab fishing season delayed for fifth year in a row

OTOH, this happened at my local Asian market yesterday



Man- I wish my city had an Asian market that was like that


Me too! Such a selection though I’d skip the froggies.:frog:


Last year the delayed opening went into January. The upside, there was a glut, due to being past the Xmas holidays, and missed Lunar New Year exports to Hong Kong and China, where it’s reported crabs go for $100 each. Crabs in some places was $3.99/ lb.

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I may be in the Vacaville area, were the pictures from the “Crunchy Market”?

County Market close to Costco?

:face_with_hand_over_mouth: Yes. For years I called it "Country Square ", but it’s actually "County Square ".

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It is sometimes called Crunchy maybe because Asians have a problem pronouncing Country or County.

The southeast Asians I knew in the area called it: Crunchy Market….Maybe5-10 years ago.

I was invited to a Vietnamese neighbors home for a celebration, they served food and I especially enjoyed the roast duck, pork and bbq pork. I found out they were purchased from the Crunchy Market. It took a couple of years before I found its location. On Peabody?

I used to drive from Rio Vista to Vacaville Costco. Roads in town went from one lane each way to multi lanes with center dividers. Substance farmers leaving, then housing developments, now rapid transit, park and ride lots….Oh my urban sprawl has spread to Fairfield and Vacaville.


That’s true. And after many years of fighting, there will soon be homes in Lagoon Valley. Have you read about the latest plan for the area near Rio Vista?

When we moved here 30 years ago I thought it was scary!
“Why are there no buildings there?”
“Who will hear me screaming and banging on the walls if I am in trouble?”.

But since I am from New York, the rural parts still blow my mind.


BITD there used to be separate towns, then cities, of Hayward north on 880/580 to the Richmond-San Rafael bridge. Now it is all a blended string. I remember vast fields, never more.
I’m really hoping the crab season opens soon, but then again, the climate change impacts the whales migration schedules and everything else…

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Dungeness crabs are available, just from Washington or Oregon and not the Bay Area.

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Thank you! Have you been seeing them around? This is the earliest I remember seeing them around here.

Seems early to me, we used to get the first ones for us around Dec. 11 for grandfather-in-law’s birthday dinner. This was in the BA and I assumed they were caught off the GG bridge. $1.99 or less a pound and they were no ‘bitty Dungeness—like 2+ #’ ers.


California’s commercial crab season opener is the second Saturday in November. But because of whale entanglements the opener has been delayed for the previous several years.

Washington’s opener is early October.


I think I’ve seen them at Alioto-Lazio on Jefferson Street near Pier 45.

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At Shun Fat Supermarket yesterday in Stockton, dungies were $10/lb. They were lively and fairly large.

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Crab season delayed again until at least December 16. California Dept of Fish and Wildlife sighting poor quality of crab meat. That’s a change from whale migration. The delay last season pushed things back until after New Years…which wasn’t a bad thing for prices and a small glut…but not good if you want crabs for the holidays.



More on this

I can wait!

I was on a charter boat out of Emeryville Marina yesterday and can say the quality of crab meat is very good !


Delayed until after the New Year.