September–December 2022 Baking Cookbook of the Month: SNACKABLE BAKES

This is so good. I used 1 teaspoon nutmeg. Tastes like a Tim Horton cinnamon nutmeg donut for us Canadians. My DH just loved it. I think they will keep well for a few days. Not like a fried donut which gets greasy after a couple of hours. :ukraine:



I like these, but they are achingly sweet. I cut them into fairly small pieces, and it still feels like a LOT of sweetness. I love sugar, and love my old standby blondie recipe with toffee bits, but this feels like just a little too much for me. I used all 3 sugars and the pecans and added salt on top.


Oops, I meant all 3 chocolates.

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Because of all the raving, I tried this recipe today, doubling. All Granny Smith apples. I don’t usually make a mistake but after I made this I wondered why I didn’t have enough crust/crumb. I had a sneaking suspicion that I forgot to add sugar to the food processor, just did flor and cold butter, then beaten egg and vanilla.

So, only the apple mixture got sugar.

I tasted it and wasn’t happy, almost tossed it out. I took it to my friend’s market and he actually liked it, gave some to 2 regular customers and was going to take the rest home to his family.

He gave me more apples so I’m going to try again. Should I not use the food processor? Since I was doing a double recipe I didn’t want to do so much butter-flour squeezing by hand.

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I used the FP, but if you feel like maybe it caused you to lose track of the recipe maybe that isn’t the way you want to go next time. But I can’t tell if you’re sure you forgot the sugar.

Yes, I’m sure now I forgot to add sugar to crust mixture; I don’t blame my poor Cuisinart. Just someone else said she would do crust by hand next time.

I’ll try again, love the smell of apples cooking!

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I made the crust by hand and it was super easy!

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I did too and loved the method where you pinch the crumbs for the top. It gives that extra little texture.

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Finally made the apple pie bars: all granny smith, and made the crumb by hand. YUM!!!



Like LLM, I doubled the recipe to make two mug cakes since DS was grumpy about the prospect of sharing. I didn’t love it. I was expecting something more like a molten chocolate cake, but it was a chocolate cake with occasional pockets of melted chocolate chips.

The other thing that bugged me was the sheer number of measuring spoons I used! Four… and that was with me fudging the sour cream measurement and estimating the salt. I know it’s a bit petty, but it seems like a simple recipe shouldn’t use so much hardware.

I prefer this mug brownie recipe, and will stick with this:


I tried again today, super alert, didn’t omit anything. Mixed by hand, used about 3.5 lbs Granny Smith for double recipe (instead of 3 lbs). This time I tried to economize by lining with heavy duty foil instead of parchment … never again, it glued to the pan.



As Jessie would say Peeps make this. Jessie doesnt state what size baking sheet to use. Mine was 16x10 but one just a bit smaller would be great. Cover sheet with foil. Spread your ritz crackers. Cook your toffee. Spread it over cookies and bake till toffee is a bit darker. Sprinkle chocolate chip wait a few minutes to melt and spread it with spatula. Sprinkle nuts. Refrigerate. Break it a part. It makes a lot. These are so addictive. They are going in my cookie boxes for Christmas.


Seems a lot like what I learned as Christmas Crack. I make that whenever I need to take something to a potluck and everyone loves it. I use saltines. I’ll look at this recipe once home and see.

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This is crack for sure. Might be the same except for change in crackers.

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It’s also a popular Passover sweet, when made with matzo.


These scones are very quick to make. No butter involved just a cup of heavy cream. I sprinkled them with coarse sugar. They are good have a nice crumb and i will make them when in a hurry. But they will not replace my buttermilk scones, a recipe i got a long time ago from a friend. A similar buttermilk scone recipe is in Baking with Dorie.


I made the version with rhubarb a while back and really enjoyed them - looking forward to making them again, maybe with another tart fruit (maybe cranberries?)

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Those look very good.