September–December 2022 Baking Cookbook of the Month: SNACKABLE BAKES

Yes - hot chocolate season is right around the corner and I will give this a try.


I have recently become obsessed with snacking cakes partly because of the ease but mostly because of the size. An 8" square cake for a household of two is the perfect amount. I have made many in the past couple of months from Yossy Arefi’s Snacking Cakes but this is the first one I’ve frosted.

I was short by about 50g on mashed bananas so I added some unsweetened applesauce (worked like a charm although I may have lost some banana flavor understandably). I also managed to misread the buttermilk measurement and add 1/3 cup instead of 1/4 cup but it did not impact texture. I realized it as soon as I tossed it in :crazy_face:

The frosting is DELICIOUS - think WHOPPERS malted milk balls as a frosting. And I added the crushed WHOPPERS to the top as garnish. Yum!

We are celebrating a birthday next Saturday so up next will be: “Shh, Don’t Tell!” Devil’s Food Snacking Cake with Marshmallow Frosting.


As far as the unfrosted varieties you tried from Snacking Cakes, any particular favorite you might recommend?

I finally broke down and bought the digital copy of the book when it was on sale, but haven’t baked from it yet. We’re not big frosting eaters, but do enjoy an unfrosted cake with coffee or tea.

Not kellilee, but I love the grapefruit and white chocolate cake from that book. Oh, and the ricotta cake with blueberries and raspberries (I only used blueberries).


I keep hearing great things about that grapefruit cake.

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In rethinking about it, I may have used a glaze on that one. But no frosting of any sort on the blueberry ricotta one.

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I really wish I could refer you to thx long thread from when Snacking Cakes was BCOTM on Chowhound!

Off hand, I baked and liked the orange-poppyseed cake, buttered walnut cake (and mocha walnut-cardamom variation), browned butter, pecan, and white chocolate cake, and the espresso chocolate chip cake. I hope to try a bunch of the summer fruit cakes when they’re seasonable. I tend to reduce the sugar a smidge, but such is my won’t.

I know the simple sesame cake has some fans here.


I miss that thread! I agree that espresso chocolate chip cake was fantastic. Also loved the white chocolate grapefruit cake and sesame cake.


A friend made one from the book with raspberries, nuts, and I wish I could remember what else, but it was delicious. Still warm inside and no topping at all. Unfortunately not near the book to say which it was.



Lulu and I are on our own right now, and this sounded like a fun way to end the weekend after a healthy dinner. I’ve seen recipes like this before, but never really felt interested in trying them. Now I have. You stir everything in a mug and put it in the microwave for a minute of two. It works, but wow, is it ever rich. I couldn’t even eat half of mine, Lulu managed to eat hers but it took probably 45 minutes. But if you want to make yourself a rich chocolatey dessert without having to worry about what you’ll do with the rest of it, this is the perfect solution.


I made the cookbook version - yum! I was a little skeptical about the egg in the crust/crumb mix (which I made in the food processor), but it worked to hold the crust together well. I used 6 small apples, some of which were definitely McIntosh and the rest were “mystery” apples from our haul. I think I’d actually use more apples next time, as the fruit to crust ratio was a little low for my tastes.

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I almost made this the other night, but then it struck me that it makes two, so I didn’t. Do you think the second one would still be good the next day, or does this need to eaten right when it’s made?

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We made two (I tried to convince her we could share one, but she wanted a whole one) and they are pretty big. It wouldn’t be ideal to save half, but what the heck, it’s between you and your microwave. I can’t say it would be the same but it would still be chocolate.

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I have not made the Grapefruit White Chocolate Cake yet but loved the Berry Cream Cheese Cake, as well as the Black- and Blueberry Ricotta Cake. Both unfrosted. My least favorite has been the Almond Butter Banana Cake (too dense for “cake”).

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Following up a few days later re: Banana Snacking Cake with Chocolate Malted Cream Cheese Frosting. This cake and frosting was DELISH on day one but because of the cream cheese, this cake was stored in the fridge and despite letting each slice come back to room temp before eating, the experience, texture, taste is not the same since. Recommend consuming this one first day with family and friends.


Unless you’re in a super high heat/humid environment, I would never store a cake in the fridge, even with cc frosting. It kills any moisture/flavor/texture


Had a glut of apples from our farm box, and LLD was on his way home from 10 days away, so made the Better than Apple Pie bars again, and again, they are absolutely delightful.


Also not kellilee, but I have not frosted the cakes I’ve made from Snacking Cakes (mostly ones with chocolate, but I’ve also done a few of the fruit-based ones), and I haven’t missed the frosting.


I know that Stella Parks (Bravetart) has some recipes that call for malted milk powder

I turned these into muffins. Got 9 using 1/4 cup. Baking time 20 minutes. Will have them for breakfast tomorrow. :ukraine: