Seek Suggestions Airtight Containers for Food Storage

Hey all. I am looking to purchase some air tight containers for food storage. I bought some Sistema containers which are inexpensive and sturdy, but they are not air tight. I have had some Oxo containers which are fairly airright. I also have various size Libby Vibe glass jars which are semi-airtight.
Any suggestion? I am eyeing Rubbermaid Brilliance

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Hi chem, why not just get the Kilner weck clip top jars? Amazon seems a bit expensive, perhaps google around for better pricing.


By the way, is it for storing dried foods? Or storing leftovers overnight?

I use weck jars for storing dried food. For leftovers to be stored in the fridge overnight I use my Pillivuyt porcelain shallow serving bowls covered by cling film.

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This is a good idea. I guess I was originally thinking in a different direction. I like the idea of glass. Problem is that glass is heavy and difficult to have very large glass containers. However, I could have a mix of different containers.
No, I am thinking about already dried foods, like dried mushroom, dried abalone…etc.
I used to put these in airtight plastic bags which are cheap, but can be difficult to organize. I then upgrade to Sistema containers but they are not airtight at all. However, I just realized that many of my Japanese mushrooms soaked up too much moisture in the air and soften and probably ruined. So I am hoping to get some airtight containers.


Rubbermaid Brilliance is really great and today in the New York Times, Wirecutter just voted them the best containers for durability and sealing abilities. I have them and really love them. I fact I’m going to get another set and get rid of most of the other containers I have.

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I use thick hard plastic containers, with a thick rubber lining to really keep the food airtight.

They are made by Plast Team and I use them for storing coffee, rice, oatmeal, flour, bulgur, dried chillis, pasta etc.

I use these two types - both from ‘Plast Team’

Hi, Chem. If you don’t like Cambros, I’d look at swing-top Mason type jars.


Yeah. I saw them at Target and they look very attractive too. They are not cheap though. At the time, I did not think I need more containers, but as it turned out my Sistema containers are not airtight, and I do have some ingredients need real airtight.

The more I read from you guys, the more I think I will need a mix of glass and plastic. The Kiler or Mason type for small containers, and then Rubbermaid Brilliance or Plast team for larger containers.

I have some of these, but use them primarily to keep food “fresh” longer. I have the glass ones and the bags, but I think they also come in plastic now.

As you probably know, it is best not to store dried mushrooms, abalone (or conpoy) and the like in plastic containers for extended periods of time.

Ha ha ha. I was just looking at these vacuum ones too.

be aware, the Rubbermade double side clip requires a pry bar to open.
dinner knife, small metal spatula, hammer, etc etc.
DW bought some, I hate them.

I prefer the OXO brand stuff.

Ha ha ha. I have to check it out again. I thought when I played with them at Target, they are fine, by I will double check one more time. Yes, the Oxo POP containers are easy on the hands.

I have and like the Rubbermaid Brilliance. They do tend to “craze” a bit if you put them in the dishwasher though.
For dry foods, they should be just fine. They’re nicely made, and are very modular. Not sure if they have taller sizes, if that’s what you’re looking for though.

Thanks for sharing your experience. I rarely use dishwasher anyway. They do offer taller sizes, but either way won’t be a problem since I am more into cubic-like or flatter ones. What makes you get Rubbermaid Brilliance? Is it because they are truly higher quality or because of their beauty? They do look better than most plastic containers.

Even Triton? How come?

I mostly have the rectangular ClickClacks (various sizes) purchased from Home Goods many moons ago that I use for brown sugar, confectioners sugar, rice, beans, orzo, etc. They are very similar to @Claus 's Plast versions mentioned above.

In addition, I have also purchased clear or smoked gray Oggi Food storage containers for things like flour and sugar on my countertops, and for various pastas in my cabinet, etc.

I totally forgot about them. Thanks.

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I’ll be honest, I much prefer the ClickClacks, as they’re stackable and square-edged - can fit more of them in a cabinet vs. the round Oggis.

Ok. ClickClacks are new to me. Are you thinking these?

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