Scrambled Eggs

Anyone made them using the steam wand from the espresso machine?

:thinking: You first.

Or maybe whisk them up and make in the electric egg poacher lol.

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Have not made but have eaten.

It’s barely an extra step since I already whisk eggs and milk - just start with the milk and a pinch or two of cornstarch. It does give them a creamier mouthfeel and protect the proteins from the heat.


This made me think of LL Cool J in the movie “Deep Blue Sea” describing making an omelette. :blush:

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Ok so reporting back nutritional yeast👍 for 3 eggs I added a tsp
of nutritional yeast the results were super creamy eggs !

Will go shopping for furikake seasoning and looking forward to trying that seasoning next in my scrambled eggs.

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I’m wanting to try scrambled eggs with Yuzu Kosho (YK) soon.
I’ll pick the YK up at the same time as the Furikake seasoning.

Never used it before on scrambled eggs, but YK is great in guacamole.


I put some on my cheese omelet today. Verdict: okay, would not repeat, plain black pepper works better.

Hmm, not sure cheese and seaweed is a winning combo.

Sorry about that, should have mentioned that it works best on scrambled eggs au naturel.

You don’t know 'til you try! And…I tried.

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Here’s another good recipe utilizing yk:

Maybe dial down the salt a bit.

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Thanks ! I have not cooked with Yuzu Kosho so looking forward to experimenting thank you for the recipe link.

I googled it and LOL’d

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Yay! So memorable for me. It’s hard to find a good clip, at least in English.

I’ll give that a try!

So, for, say 4 eggs, how much yeast do you use? A pinch, a shake, a teaspoon?

So about a teaspoon and a half for 4 eggs.


Thanks. And is the yeast beaten in or sprinkled atop?

I whisked mine in it creates luscious, plump and creamy scrambled eggs.

Not sure how @ipsedixit uses the nutritional yeast. I forgot to ask and just assumed that it was whisked into the eggs.

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