Salt Acid Fat Heat - favorite recipes?

My best friend bought me a copy of this cookbook. I’ve read lots of good things about it, and I’m wondering what your favorite recipes are. Can’t wait to start cooking from it! Thanks.


I hear it’s well regarded, but one I don’t have @TheLibrarian28; please let us know when you make something. TBH, think the title puts me off a little, since it seems a little contrived or maybe derived from Hot, Sour, Sweet and Salty. Probably not fair on my part.

Should have been titled Salt, Salt, Salt, Salt. Cut the salt content of just about everything in half and go down from there.

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I haven’t seen the book either but found the show very enjoyable. It was an interesting take on how different elements impact food. Samin Norsat’s love of food is very obvious and she is not at all condescending as so many celebrity chefs are.


I’m not familiar with the book. Do you mean that most of the recipes taste bad because of excessive salt, or is this purely a health comment? (I’m aware that someone who has limited their salt intake for health purposes may become accustomed to the lower level causing them to find things too salty that they might earlier have enjoyed, making this a somewhat artificial dichotomy.)

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In case others are interested in favorite recipes from this cookbook, I found this online from The Kitchn’s readers:


Again…have referenced it… but haven’t cooked out of it.

That looks like a really sumptuous list @TheLibrarian28; really intrigued to hear if you decide to make something.

The friend who gave the book to me really likes the chicken with rice and lentils. I may try that first. I’ll report back!

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Thanks for that! I am inspired.

Taste bad.

Making the tomato confit.

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But with some fire roasted store bought plum tomatoes. and garlic from last season. Haven’t eaten them yet, but smells good.


I mean come on, tomatoes + oil + garlic = those who wish to fail must work very hard :slight_smile:

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@DavidPF - Was it really necessary to make this snarky comment?

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I certainly didn’t intend it as snarky. I just think it’s a can’t-miss great thing to be making.

For anyone who took it as snarky, I’m really sorry. I obviously misjudged what I was saying.


Absolutely the buttermilk chicken just to see what the fuss was about.
Really good.


I didn’t take it as snarky.

Looking up snarky. :blush:

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I’m sorry if I misjudged your tone. It’s harder when it’s not in person.


I made her buttermilk brined turkey breast before TG. It was very good.