Salmon Rillettes

I am making salmon rillettes again, as I always seem to have leftover grilled and sous vide salmon.

Decided to start a new thread.

The Kitchen-Salmon Rillettes
“Store in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks.”

Notes to self;

Several combine both hot and cold smoked salmon. I’ve been doing grilled and sous vide. Smoked might last longer. Longer would be better.

Most contain citrus, at least in the poaching liquid. Also celery and bay leaves , as is white wine, fennel or anise flavor, sometimes as Pernod.

Fats/dairy include butter, and maybe mayo, egg yolks, sour cream or creme fraiche, and/or olive oil. Ratio of fat varies a lot, and melted , sometimes clarified butter (would ghee work?) is sometimes poured over to seal and preserve.

Allium almost always includes shallot, but often chive or green onion, and leek in the poaching liquid .

It’s November , and for some reason I have no shallots, and I’m trying a cannister of fried onions that look like shallots to me.

There is also occasional mention of cayenne, smoked paprika and coriander , and one included horseradish! I think I’d like that.


Of all the recipes you listed, is there one that you would particularly recommend?

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Not a particular recipe, but I like to adapt to use what I have (which is never poached salmon in court boullion), prefer butter to the other dairy/fats, and proportion wise, a larger proportion of butter to fish than a few Tbs to 12 ounces.

For seasoning I like shallots sauteed in butter, but it’s more work, , pepper, cayenne, lemon juice, salt, and I like to finish with chive. But I’m still experimenting.

I think I especially like to include hot smoked salmon, but because I love that plain, and it keeps well, I’m not in a hurry to use it up in this preparation.

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We really don’t do/appreciate/tolerate smoked salmon, so rillettes that celebrate fresh salmon with butter, dill, chives, capers, cornichon, lemon juice/zest work for us. Guests scarf it up, so it has wider audience than our palates.

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Capers! Yes! And zest adds lemon without moisture, so I like that better. Sometimes I used preserved lemon.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold