Rosie's Pizza Point Pleasant

I have got to get here and soon. Just off Arnold Ave on Bay Ave, I’ve heard some interesting things about their pizza and I have to verify it for myself.

Anyone been?

Anyone want to go?

Not been but yes–I have a friend who lives right near there! ooooh…now I’m wondering if that’s where we got pizza once…

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Lo siento, no mas carbs.

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The same old refrain waffs over the hacienda…

These guys are available for your next party/event.

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No sh*t, that’s me in the middle !!!

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But then who will do the tomato soup?

Gazpacho for everyone !!!

Ok, so you knew it was coming:

Notice the poor burro shaking his head in the background.

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Can’t believe this place has been under the radar here. Pics look real deal and great, I may have to make a trip today

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From sources I trust it has been favorably compared to any in the five boroughs. I am thinking, if I can convince any in my family to join, of going tomorrow for an early dinner pie.

Keep me posted

How early?

Lol. If I go I will likely be there between 4 and 4:30. If I don’t go I will definitely be there for lunch Saturday.

We’ll be in LBI this weekend but could do :clock430: 4:30 tomorrow.

I’m skeptical about “favorably compared to any in the five boroughs” but would love to be proven wrong.

That’s why I’m going! See you there at 4:30 - hopefully with at least one other member of my family.

Open invitation to all HOs who want to join in as well.

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Get Here Now!

Best pizza I’ve had in a while, and certainly the best I’ve had in NJ. Get the round pie and add in the sharp provolone. It may not be better than DiFara’s, but it is in the same league.

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I was skeptical but I was very pleasantly surprised. This place is really good. Certainly as good as any I’ve had in NJ and in the same league as the best in NYC. The crust was wonderful which made the pies wonderful. Very high quality ingredients were used and the pizza were cooked right.



So jealous!! Glad you enjoyed hope you had an extra slice for me!

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So would that be the carb free slice?

What does that look like?

Melted Moozerell on San Marzanos?

Ai yai yai !

The refrain wafts over the hacienda…

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Cauliflower crust my man…


Screw the carbs! When a good friend offers to bring lunch and that good friend lives in Point Pleasant and AS A SURPRISE shows up with a full pie from Rosie’s ordered exactly as @seal said to order it, you know she’s a good friend! All I can say is OMG, I don’t believe it’s because I haven’t been eating much pizza/carbs in the last year— this is a hell of a pizza! The crust is gorgeous, the toppings fresh and delicious, and I’m thrilled to say that the leftovers are still in my kitchen! Some calories are totally worth it.

ETA: leftovers are now in the freezer. Because… #girlishfigure