Holy Tomato Pies (Blackwood, New Jersey)

Saw one of those “best pizza in your state” things and this place was the NJ entry. Has anybody been? Might have to do a road trip.

I get sucked into reading those “best of” also. Historically, I may agree on about 2 in 10.

Good luck with your proposed road trip.

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If actually want to have one of the BEST pizzas in the state travel to Rosies in Point Beach.


Hmmmm, I wonder who started the thread about Rosie’s …

Oh, and I looked up Blackwood and it is further away than Philly. Maybe no road trip :grin:


I know!! I know!! I know!! Pick me!!! Pick me!!

The same guy who took me to Rosie’s for the first time!!
(I think that guy should take me back again, I need a second opinion)