Rosie's Pizza Point Pleasant

Holy cow. These pics are making me hungry…said the guy who hasn’t eaten lunch or breakfast yet :smile:

Next time I’m in the area this is on my radar. Any fans of the poached pear here?

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Nice! I’m liking that “saucieness” glimmer
…is that a word?

I think a little extra sauce goes a long way in my eyes.

EVO and clam broth.

It’s a homemade White Clam Pie, a little juicy. Like they should be.

Looks good, even though I generally don’t order clam pie I will take down some slices once in a while. I do love clams.

I vote white shrimp scampi pie should be next on the menu…maybe a tarragon version

Jeff what’s on the square pie? I may have missed it but that looks tasty

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I jumped on the Rosie’s bandwagon for a late lunch on this beautiful day. Very nice round pie. Way better than anything I can get in or reasonably near home in Freehold. Am I rushing back? Probably not. I would choose the carbonara at Porta or beekeeper at Talula’s if I’m going to make pizza a destination. Will I be hitting up Rosie’s next time in Point … absolutely! A really, really good pie.

The one comment my friend made is that parking at Rosie’s is terrible there, and that’s from a local and that’s NOW. You’ve been warned… But damn, that was yummy pizza!

I went to work this morning and everything was fine. 8 hours later it was complete idiot fest on ocean ave. Traffic out the wazoo, people darting all over lanes trying to head back north and find the way out of the beaches, and then I see a guy pull out of Monmouth beach with a cooler AND a gallon of water on his roof :smile: yes, a 2 for 1 special folks


We had both sausage and pepperoni on that one. A very nice pie.

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Looking forward to September…

Yesssss! I was back home by 11:30am and at that point, 35 and the AP circle were already insane. Unreal

I can’t believe it took me this long to get back here, but honestly, who wants to go to Point Pleasant during the summer?

That aside, the pizza is still great. This place is a gem.

Also, it is always great to see @BossaNova and @MishyPoo . Next time we bring all eight cats with us!


Good stuff Dave. What kinds did you get?

The round pie with extra provolone is mandatory.

Our second pie was a square with pepperoni.


Tell me about this provolone pie!

Lol. See @BossaNova 's pics from May 24th above.

But basically it is their regular pie with the addition of imported provolone as the only extra topping. The pie itself is wonderful - great crust, nice sauce, fresh basil and you can taste the sharpness of the provolone. A must try.


Just adding Rosie’s was names one of 20 best new pizza joints, got a nice write up . Also locally Nicky’s thin crust in oceanport was named. Has anyone tried that one?

I haven’t but I would like to try it. I looked online and if the menu is up to date, pizzas are 10-12 bucks. Is that correct? Even for a thin crust pizza, that is cheap for a specialty pie. I wonder how large they are?

That’s because I sent their info to Pete Genovese! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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