Restaurant News - Late Fall and Winter Edition - NY/CT/LI

(Gwenn) #1

Well I am super excited that the new DeCicco and Son’s market will be opening in Somers, NY by Thanksgiving. A market is so badly needed in that area, but a Decicco - the good kind, woo hoo!! Can’t wait!

(Gwenn) #2


I’m really excited for you too … The Larchmont store is one of my all time favorite supermarkets. Nothing remotely close to it where I am in NJ. For my money DeCicco’s blows the doors off of Wegmans, not even close in regards to selection and quality; they’re more expensive but worth it IMO. I posted some pics from the Larchmont store in the thread below. DeCicco’s (with beer!) to open this winter in Millwood, NY!

(Gwenn) #4

I remember those pix. I worked right near the Armonk store until very recently and I loved it (the store). This one is the same side of the family as Armonk, Millwood, Larchmont, etc as opposed to,the other side - Katonah. I’m thrilled!

(Bill) #5

I was at H Mart in Hartsdale today and noticed that Shake Shack is now open. Surprised to see that it wasn’t mentioned here.

(Gwenn) #6

I think it may have been mentioned on another thread a while back. Glad to hear its open! Next time I’m down that way I have to try it - or Smashburger!

(Gwenn) #7

Finally! Locali in at the Mt. Kisco train station just posted in Facebook that they will,be opening soon!!!


Personally I dislike most of the “new” burger chains. Including Shake Shack. I’ve been to several Shake Shack in NYC including the original and Grand Central, and the one in Cross County Mall Yonkers. Eh. Overpriced and not very good.

(Gwenn) #9

Wow, a new supermarket


North Shore farms is taking “1/2” the space of the current cvs - which is where the old a&p was in mamaroneck. Don’t know much about them otherwise. I’m more curious as to when Wegman’s will open.

(Gwenn) #11

I think it will still be awhile for Wegman’s.

(Bill) #12

Yes, probably a year at best, given the info in this article from late August.

(Bill) #13

Thyme in Yorktown has closed. It was good when they first opened, then we had a very disappointing meal there a few years ago and never went back.

(Gwenn) #14

Agreed. No loss! First time we went it was very good. Went back and it was not good at all. Pluse the wait for our reserved table was annoying!

(Bill) #15

I remember one time we went there (Thyme) they claimed not to have my reservation – and I had made it IN PERSON at the restaurant!

(Bill) #16

Stock Up in Beacon is going to be closing at the end of the year. They have great fried chicken sandwiches but apparently they weren’t making a living. The family also owns Marbled Meat Shop in Cold Spring (Route 9) and will be doing something new there instead.


David DiBari’s newest venture will be having its soft opening this week. It’s a British themed place called The Rare Bit where Cedar St Grill used to be in Dobbs Ferry. I see reservations on Open table beginning Dec 21. I’ll definitely be checking this out!

(Gwenn) #18

Thanks, Ice Cream!! Always ready for another DiBari venture!! This looks interesting - especially for friends who are total anglophiles!


Whole Foods Chappaqua was supposed to open yesterday but there is some drama with it so the opening has been delayed till Saturday. I predict a traffic nightmare. I question that the roads surrounding Chappaqua Crossing can handle more volume. As it is, the intersection of Roaring Brook Rd with the Saw Mill/Metro North train tracks has been terrible.

(Gwenn) #20

I’m surprised that neighborhood isn’t more up in arms about the traffic situation. Personally, I’m not. Fan of Whole Foods so I won’t be going! :grinning: