Restaurant News - Late Fall and Winter Edition - NY/CT/LI

(Bill) #21

There was a lot of arguing about it prior to the project being approved. I’m guessing that people are so thrilled to get a local supermarket (and especially Whole Foods) that they will ignore the traffic problems. If it had been a lesser store, I’m sure they’d still be complaining.

(Bill) #22

They had their Friends & Family pre-opening last night so it might be open today.


Yes,I think an article I read said they will be open Sat. But I guess they are doing walk-ins until next week.

(Bill) #24

Article from Lohud about recent and future openings. Would have preferred that PF Changs weren’t mentioned (especially given the article title), and they talk about the Yorktown Greek place that’s they admit has been open for several months.


I’m finally overwhelmingly convinced that my disdain for many of the restaurants in my area are not merely a case of the grass is always greener (elsewhere) . Locally, we get Hurleys - their pictured burger DOES look like everything was hurled onto the burger and we also get either bugerim or burgerim (sp?), sample sliders at (full?) prices.


I can’t view the article because of the paywall… Anything noteworthy?

(Bill) #27

The fries in the picture for the Z Prime place in White Plains look disgusting, lots of little pieces. Granted, they are crunchy, which I like. But bite size pieces? And the two steaks in the photo gallery don’t look all that great, either.

(Bill) #28

Not really. Try opening an incognito/safe mode browser window to see if you can read it.


We went to check out the new Whole Foods. Verdict- the store is beautiful and we enjoyed walking around this evening. It wasn’t crowded at all; maybe all the controversy kept people away. We got some great deals on stuff that was on sale and Amazon Prime members get an extra 10% off sale items (assuming that is a company wide policy now?). We had pizza at the pizza place and were pleasantly surprised-- crust and toppings were delicious although the pizza could have used another couple minutes in the oven. I will not be doing my weekly shopping here and it won’t replace DeCicco’s for my quick shopping trips but I can definitely see myself going every couple weeks.

(Bill) #30

Stock Up, a sandwich shop/deli in Beacon best known for their fried chicken sandwiches has closed. Per a post on Instagram when they announced the closing, it wasn’t working out financially and it was a challenge for their family time-wise. The good news is that they will be concentrating their efforts on the family business Marbled Meats on Route 9 in Cold Spring, which is currently a butcher/cheese store but will start doing lunch soon per their Instagram account. Hopefully they will do the same sort of stuff they did in Beacon. We only ate there once, since once we got up to Beacon we went to Kitchen Sink instead. But I could see going to Cold Spring more often.

(Gwenn) #31

It looks like there is some construction starting at the former Applebee’s in Mt. Kisco. I have no idea what they are putting in, but it can only be an improvement. Well, except I heard rumors of maybe a big Starbucks - cause we need another. I’ve also heard maybe Smashburger. Anyone know anything?

(Lauren D) #32

I heard it could be a Chipotle. Anyone’s guess! Also heard that the Bedford Shoprite is moving next to Grand Prix in Mt Kisco & the current Shoprite space might become a Trader Joe’s (yes, please!! Wishing hard for that one!)

(Gwenn) #33

I hope its not Chipotle, but a Trader Joe at Shoprite location works. And its about the right size for one! Thanks!

(Bill) #34

Actually, ithe Shoprite store is much too big for a Trader Joe’s, but they can split the store. And of all of the TJ’s rumors I have heard over the years, that is the one that makes the most sense because it’s near a major highway. Sadly, I can be in Danbury in almost the amount of time it takes me to get to Bedford Hills.

(Bill) #35

Indeed, that’s what it is (article below). I had read a long time ago that they hoped to bring them to Chappaqua where Whole Foods has opened. Obviously that’s not happening. Guessing this won’t be good news for Salsa Fresca down the road, whose business plan seems to have been opening where Chipotle had decided not to go.

Here’s the site diagram if you care (opens a PDF file):

(Gwenn) #36

Thanks. I’m not at all excited about this.

(Bill) #37

Seasons at Piermont, formerly Xaviar’s, has closed. Its now Kitchen in the Hudson Valley, run by someone who used to run a restaurant in NJ. Freelance Cafe is still open. They’re doing HVRW, so maybe I’ll give it a try if I like the menu.

(Gwenn) #38

This sounds really nice. Thanks!


I guess you haven’t been to TJ’s in other areas where the stores are much, much larger.

(Bill) #40

I have been to many TJ’s stores. The current Shoprite store is 38,000 square feet (confirmed by the shopping center marketing brochure, and very small for a SR). TJ’s are 15,000 square feet or less. A huge one would probably be 20,000 square feet. I strongly doubt you’d ever find one that is twice that size. The one in Hartsdale is small and is being enlarged, but only by 4,000 square feet.

From Wikipedia (and confirmed by other sites):

As of October 12, 2017, Trader Joe’s had 474 stores in the United States with stores being added regularly. In 2017, Trader Joe’s opened 14 new stores nationwide.[23]Most locations averaged between 10,000 and 15,000 sq ft (1,400 m2).

Like I said, much too big for a TJ’s. But they could split the building and get another tenant to share the space.