DeCicco's (with beer!) to open this winter in Millwood, NY!

I am thrilled that DeCicco and Sons will be opening one of their markets in Millwood where the horrible A&P used to be. They will have an incredible beer selection and bar like in Armonk. This will likely not become my regular supermarket due to their prices but for specialty items and beer and quick-honey-I-forgot-an-ingredient-can-you-go-get-it runs this will be our new stop for sure. Can’t wait for the opening!

With Whole Foods (also not a regular store for me but excellent for certain hard-to-find products) soon to open in Chappaqua, I feel like we will be pretty well taken care of in terms of gourmet, specialty supermarkets here in mid-Westchester!

I love De Cicco’s. We recently got a small one in Katonah (replacing an A&P). You’d be surprised at some of the prices though. Some are very high but some are good. My good EVOO that I could only find at Sgagglio’s for over $30 I now get at the DeC in Armonk for $24.99. As you say, you can also get some items you can’ t find in other markets. The one in Armonk has ground short rib for burgers and brisket sliders. So good.

Glad to hear you are getting a Decicco’s near you. I’m in lower Westchester so shop a bit differently(as far as locations). But you got me wondering (again) if a “regular” market even exists any more or if you must plan to visit an assortment,as none seem to offer low priced shopping across the board?

Absolutely. And I’m not even talking about specialty items here. My stop and shop carries all brands, but not all items in all brands. So if you really want the Muir Glen Fire Roasted Tomatoes (just an example - they may have those) you may find you need to go to market number 2. And I never buy chopmeat for burgers anywhere but De Ciccos’ as even their chuck is so flavorful, but, as I mentioned, it’s the only place I’ve seen around that sells ground short rib. Now, for a rib roast, well $90 for a small 2 rib is a bit much!!!

Well, only speaking for myself, I am really, really particular with my food and food shopping and so I go to lots of different places. If I had to choose one place, I’d choose Stop and Shop, but I’d probably become a vegetarian because I do not like buying meat there.

In a month’s time I’ll probably hit all of the following, Stop and Shop & the farmers’ market weekly and the rest perhaps monthly.
Stop and Shop-- during farmers’ market season, all I buy here is out of season fruit (apples, bananas), certain dairy & bread products I don’t want to buy in bulk. When our region’s growing season is over, I buy all our fruits and veggies here as I find the produce department to be excellent. I buy olive oil and condiments here too when I don’t want them in bulk.
Costco-- I do the bulk of our staple shopping here (yogurt, milk, chicken, most standard cheeses, cereals, almond butter, nuts, butter, lemons). Out of season I will buy some fruits and vegetables.
Farmers’ Markets-- during growing season I exclusively buy veggies from here and most fruits along with all our meat products except chicken (beef, lamb, pork, fish) and eggs. Will also pick up specialty products like honey and cheeses occasionally.
Whole Foods-- the one in Yonkers is on my way home so I will stop occasionally. They have certain cheeses and other dairy products, baking products, grains, candies, etc. that can be hard to find elsewhere.
Shop Rite/CTown- I hate both of these places but when I don’t feel like going all the way to Stop and Shop I will suck it up and run in for an item or two.

DeCicco’s will be a welcome addition to my rotation. I already know their beer selection is great so I’m excited to find out what other gems are there.

The Millwood DeCicco’s is due to open sometime this winter. We found out that they will have a bar with 20 beer taps and it will share space with the Japanese restaurant next door so that you can order sushi while enjoying some beer. I"m so excited for this to open!


[quote=“ieatalotoficecream, post:6, topic:6196, full:true”]
… it will share space with the Japanese restaurant next door[/quote]
What Japanese restaurant next door? I thought there was a nail place next door on one side and the liquor store on the other side.

I would have been much happier with a Trader Joe’s in that space, although it’s not clear that was ever an option.

You know, after I posted this, I looked it up because I couldn’t think of a Japanese restaurant either. I think the person (from the Armonk DeCicco’s) who told us got his information wrong. He must have meant that there would be sushi available IN Decicco’s to have at the bar. Sorry for the confusion-- just going off the info we were given.

I am not a huge Trader Joe’s fan so I’d much rather have the DeCicco’s. I won’t be doing my regular shopping there but it’d have anything I need for a quick grocery run. I am biased because I am a craft beer snob by association (my husband will probably be there at least once a week trying new beers from their 20 taps). But I also feel Trader Joe’s is too niche for that space-- a regular grocery store works better there. I live 5 minutes away now and we need a regular grocery store in that location. There’s not much else that close by.

There’s an article on one of the local news sites today saying that they hope to open on 12/30.

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I drove by today and they are stocking the shelves and putting finishing touches on it. I will definitely stop by the grand opening to check it out.

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Just saw this - opening 12/30!!

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Deciccos is open and it is glorious! We were there at about 7:45 this morning to check out the store. A lot of other excited folks had the same idea. The store is absolutely beautiful. The design makes the most of the space and it is finished attractively with upscale touches. Loads of conventional and specialty products, including an enormous cheese section, be still my heart. The best part is the New England nautical themed bar and seating area which has two levels of seating. The bar has twenty taps and will be opening at around 10 or 10:30 this morning. Members of the DeCicco family were on hand along with many smiling and helpful staff members. Most of the customers were grinning ear to ear (myself included) at this amazing addition to our neighborhood.


This should help shoppers in your area a lot. DeCicco’s new incarnation is quite nice…I do like the one they opened in Larchmont.

icecream is the esthetic the same as the Larchmont store, the wide aisles are a pleasure

That store is gorgeous. It’s similar to the Armonk one which is great too. The one near us - well two, Katonah and Cross River are not as nice by a long stretch. They belong to the other side of the family!!

TY, I like the Armonk store, the Larchmont store is a bit different. Cleaner (lines) more modern and industrial

Yes, it’s very similar. Since they opened on Friday we’ve been three times. I went tonight just before closing and it was so enjoyable walking up and down the aisles with that same beautiful wood or faux wood flooring as in your picture. Everyone who works there smiles and says hello and asks how they can help. Everything is perfectly organized and I like the clean look of the electronic signs with prices in the produce section. The prices are definitely a bit higher than Stop and Shop, where I usually shop, but the convenience factor is unparalleled for me.

We went to the bar on Friday afternoon and enjoyed a few beers at the bar. Friendly bartender, as at the other Deciccos, and while not all the taps were up, the beers they did have were varied and interesting. Hoping they will have some fun beer events here in the near future.

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Which Stop and Shop, Ice Cream?

Wow. Harrison is obviously owned by the grumpy, customer deficient side of the family.

Yes. They are super friendly in Armonk and Brewster too. That is the Millwood side of the family! Cross River and Katonah, not so much!

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