Red Horse, Rumson

Absolutely agree if 3% makes a difference in a high end restaurant that’s just insulting.


My offer still stands whether it’s $5.00 burger night or $5.15 burger night.


Lol @coldbeer70 !!!

Not that I have much interest in eating Burke’s food, but I definitely would love to see everybody, so we’ll see.


Remember to bring cash! I’m not splitting the 3% with you because you want to earn more miles on your United card for those trips to that swingers island you go to.

I’m down to give it a try, paying cash. The policy bothers me but being a Peter Lugers fan, I would be a hypocrite to call one restaurant out, while my all time favorite is a cash only establishment. So I agree poor policy but I give them a pass. That’s just me!


Perhaps this is a bigger discussion for the site, but I think the difference here is a world-famous restaurant just outside of NYC vs. a ‘famous’ chef with a long local history and a new spot in Central NJ. That’s MY two cents.


David Burke ain’t no Peter Lugers though. And at Peter Lugers you can get their Peter Lugers credit card to pay :wink:


No look I agree completely and I do “get it” and don’t blame anyone who is irked by it. I just feel like a hypocrite because I “accept” cash only policies from restaurants I actually like! Lol

@AndrewMalecki I’m well aware I applied for my PL card 25 years ago!!! lol Trust me I’m not trying to put Burke and Lugers on the same level.

Plus I already can’t stand Burke I don’t need any more reasons!! :joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy:


I wish they just open a Peter Lugers in NJ instead of another David Burke! They got that second location in long island. Make a third in NJ.


Long Island doesn’t have the same mystique to it like Brooklyn does. Though the Brooklyn of today is a lot different than the one I visited on my first trip to Lugers nearly 30years ago.


Well had an open night and the wife and I have been dipping our toes back to indoor dining, we decided to give them a try. It’s a Thursday at 7pm in the waning days of a pandemic, how busy can they be?

Pull up promptly at 7:20 and disappointed to see no valet parking. So I continue around to see the extensive parking lot, which I’ve never previously seen, and every spot was taken. After doing an awkward K-turn back into the street, the street was lined with cars for a block in each direction.

Maybe there was an event in the area but the parking was so dense it made me leery how crowded it could be in there. Admittedly I never went in, but from external appearances it seems things are going well.

Took a road trip to House of Chong which is becoming my favorite real life Indoor dining place. Good night for a foodie!! Lol


For a guy who once had a restaurant that was widely proclaimed “Best steakhouse in Chicago,” you’d think they would get a stinking cheeseburger right? My medium rare burger came bloody rare and fell apart while I tried to eat it!

Other than that there was the usual $20 for a Caeser salad that was barely there and had no trace of anchovies or anything beyond romaine and a few croutons. One half bone to scoop the marrow out of for $22. The best deal of the night was paying $2 apiece for something that should be free - popovers!

I wanted to try it. I did. I will not be back.


Sounds like classic David Burke of missing the mark :confused:

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold