Red Bank redux version 2.0

(Lost in translation) #489

3am Friday Saturday. They also have delivery with GrubHub.

Funny, I always think of them for breakfast.

They would be better than Windmill. No chix fingers tho…


That menu looks interesting but no regular cheese steak? Sigh. Too many flat pieces of bread for me. I love tacos but this is too much I think.

I could be missing it, but it looks like the only one I see is in a flour tortilla.


Barnacle Bill’s chicken fingers…daughter tested and approved…with honey mustard dipping sauce

(Mr met) #492

Agree. Was looking for a cheesesteak actually.

(Mr met) #493

Agree. They are pretty good there. Also believe it or not the chicken parm is actually a decent option there

(Lost in translation) #494

I think we all agree this area could use a decent cheese steak. There’s a whole thread on this depravity, and still no progress.

(Mr met) #495

Did anyone notice gaetanos changed thier name? Was I think the first place I ever ate in red bank. Had a cpl good meals there when ordering carefully. Never great and was surpassed by a bunch of places these days. Apparently same team in place still

(Mr met) #496

Guess the lack of response shows why they changed name in first place.

Anyone got any news on t he Cuban place supposedly on its way?


Unfortunately I don’t know either answer.

The Cuban joint used to have a web page with basically nothing on it. Now I don’t even see that…could be me though.