Red Bank redux version 2.0 [NJ]

(Mr met) #509

I’m just waiting for our state to amend BYOB to include bring your own Buds (aka weed). Should help ramp up appy sales at most spots…

(Mr met) #510

some exciting news- looks like Care Loret will be open July 18th. Wonder if this will now set the bar in RB and beyond?


Has anyone tried this place? I was looking on yelp but I really can’t trust that site too much. There are a few knowledgable people on there but there is too much sorting through garbage reviews that braised pork sandwich is looking tasty on paper.

(Mr met) #512

Looks like Cake Boss has given up the ghost in RB. Can’t say I’m surprised. I know some people will blame parking or foot traffic. However, the space was too large, the prices WAY too high and the product AWFUL. We used to go quite a bit a year or two ago since my family loved the show, but after one stale or frozen bomb after another and paying beyond top dollar for it I was done, the usual setup of two teenagers who didn’t know how to operated the ipad register or maintain proper hygiene was just a nice feather in the cap. The final straw was calling to inquire about a custom cake and being told they didn’t have that info available at that time, but “it would be at least 150”…I knew handwriting was on the wall when we stopped in out of desperation a cpl months ago and found the cases barren; we just walked out after finding nothing appetizing in stock, we never were greeted nor did anyone acknowledge us when leaving.

(Junior) #513

Funny, I just took a tour of the space this week for a “food concept” I was trying to help someone with. (I happened to have an “in” with the landlord) I was amazed at the size of the space, they have an entire back “party-room” that they used for cooking classes they said. Even the front dining area was much larger than I remembered. I had only been in the place one or two times prior, when I had found nothing to bring me back.

I guess the cases would be empty when they have next to -0- ingredients on hand. I left my tour wondering if they actually did any baking on premises or were just shipping product in when needed.

(Mr met) #514

From my knowledge watching episodes with the little ones it seems more and more of the stock is made in a factory in Hoboken/JC area. So what we get is “freshly” shipped in from Hudson County, not exactly cutting edge and the scale is no different from the cookies I used to get out of the vending machine in school, but charging above Antoinette prices living off of reality fame (what that concept has done to our society). Won’t be missed at all… Hopefully this food concept you’re advising on is something that brings fresh air to RB- we could certainly use it. Maybe it’s our big food hall? Or maybe the Cuban place that seems to have disappeared will be moving in??

(Junior) #515

Yes, I would put the kwality of the products I had there on the same levels of cookies from any supermarket. J&M in Middletown is still the go-to Italian cookie place for me.

Unfortunately the “concept” won’t work for that space for a variety of reasons.

(Mr met) #516

that stinks about your concept

  • yes J&M is my spot too. I still need to try Del Pontes, Caputos, and Normandie as well just to be sure…lol

Honestly, the stuff at Foodtown is superior to what Buddy was putting out there at the end.

(Junior) #517

The baker/bakery at Foodtown Red Bank actually won some awards a few years ago. (don’t ask me much more about it I just remember my wife telling me, I’m not a sweet tooth guy. My tooth likes vodka and steak)

(David) #518

In other Red Bank news, a Korean restaurant will be replacing Readies on Broad St.

Not big on details yet though.

(Mr met) #519

hopefully its BBQ…


Great news! I hope this comes through

(Tom T) #521

Personal preference, but I put Caputos a cut above j and m.


Love Caputo’s& JM, but unfortunately my Union County roots always call me back to make the trip to either Pinho’s in Roselle or better yet Natale in Summit when buying Italian cookies/pastries.


We can only hope! If there was one type of food I’d like locally, it has to be korean. If there was a Brazilian BBQ I think I’d be walking heart attack, so I won’t wish for that :smile:

I do miss the German restaurant too, little kraut.

Dave, do you have any other info? I’m anxious lol

(David) #524

As for the new restaurant, the facts I have is that the owner is a relative of the family that owns Muang Thai and that the food will likely be Korean and some dishes from Laos.

In other Red Bank (news?) I grabbed a half kilo of al pastor from IMG on Friday:

We all had tacos with it and there was just barely enough left for me to make chilaquiles (love that autocorrect wanted to make that word ‘childishness’) for breakfast:

Can’t beat that for even twice the $25 the food cost me.

(Mr met) #525

Yes. German would be Awesome. I’m starting to think the Cuban place is never gonna happen.l, so I’ll throwncuban in my list too

(David) #526

German is easy. There is a bit of German in my background and I still make some of my grandma’s recipes. Now all we need is an investor with a taste for schnitzel …:grin:

(David) #527

Sat on the water at Boondocks in Red Bank tonight. We brought some beers and had some seafood:

This is an order of fish and chips and a cup of gumbo. The fish was very good but the fries should have been crispy. The gumbo was just a poor choice to order. Best was this:

After recently having a skimpy and tasteless version at lobster house in Freehold, we were saying that this was the way a lobster roll should be, and the sweet potato fries were better too.


OH YES for Natale’s!!! YUM