Red Bank redux version 2.0 [NJ]

Any fans of Antoinette Boulangerie? Decent coffee but outstanding pastries. Only gripe is not many places to sit. One table inside and maybe two outside. Right next door to Dublin House.


Yes. The girls love their macarons

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I love this place. Agree with all of your comments. It is my favorite bakery in the area. I have never been disappointed.


Hey I resent that! LOL. But thank you for appreciating my expertise in gluttony! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@gcaggiano That’s a good food court! Also enough free samples for a meal at that H Mart.


ordered delivery form Jr’s on Sat night after getting home after a few pops. Boy what a waste.

30 bucks for cheeseburger, chicken fingers, and sweet potato fries. Burger was NOT good, back was all fat. Fries had no taste or salty. Chicken fingers was best of the bunch. But a huge waste. I could have had two fried shrimp platters from Keyport fishery for less.
Ordered a big late- was hoping to do house of Chong but missed it. Should have just ordered Patrizias- much better food- and wouldn’t have been that much more $$.

Still looking for a decent delivery place locally.

btw- painfully aware of the high amount of basic b&tch chicken finger reviews I post. But between kids and drunk food we go through a lot of them…
Would have happily ordered other stuff but JR’s menu was lacking, found Hansel and Griddle to be better from my one delivery there…will prob stick to that for “drunk food” if Icant get HOC to deliver to me.

I would highly recommend the Costco 5 lb bag Panko breaded beast tenders. Maybe get a couple bags to start and keep them in the freezer.

They are ready in twenty minutes in the convection oven which is faster than delivery.

If you need them more quickly you can defrost in the micro and pan fry in little oil to crisp them up.

They are better than any restaurant chicken fingers I’ve had around here.

I tried Jr’s once in long branch. I wasnt impressed enough to try it again. In fact I can’t even remember what I had. This was years ago.

Have you, or anyone, tried Uber eats yet? I wonder if they could deliver some late night munchies

Late nights in the Bank…

Not a big fan of Jrs. I think they do a lot of business cause they are open so late. But the food sux.

Not that the food is a whole lot better, but the Windmill by the WaWa is also open to 3am on weekends.

Given the choice I’d prolly pick Windmill.

The Brothers also does pick up till 11pm on weekends. Usually if you order late from them they dump a lot of extra stuff on the pizza.

Are we talking delivery here or just late night places, or both?

Late night.

What time is Hansel and Griddle open until?

yeah- we needed delivery for late night which cuts down on options

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didn’t even know Uber Eats was live around here until you mentioned. Seems like choices are lacking at moment- only ones not McClones affiliated I really would go for were Popeyes and McDs.

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So you just want late night stuff? Windmill is good drunk food. I like their cheese fries and dogs…and chili.

I still think the globe does take out but is has been years. Barnacles does takeout. Vals serves pretty late I believe.


I don’t know how late night you are looking for, however The Pour House has a “late night happy hour” starting at 11pm till Closing? (you have to double check their hours). Half off apps AND their burgers!! I’ve only been once or twice but it’s probably the best late night deal around.


last weekend it needed to be delivery has had three to many Asbury brewing beers to drive. Wonder if I could swing HOC delivery to me…but yeah- past 10 or so delivery options go way down.

I’m not sure about HOC but eatontown sultan wok delivers to a crazy amount of towns. They will deliver to you I’m sure. Food is not great but it should get the job done when you have a few in you and can’t drive. Check out the family specials. You can a truck load of food for like 26 bucks or something whacky, depending on the package. Again, this isn’t going to be blockbuster chinese. It’s Americanized and mass produced. They do a TON of deliveries. However, if you’re craving some old classics like lomein, beef/chicken broccoli, generals, soup, etc, it is passable. If you can drive, there are better options closer to rb

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Ah thanks for the tip! Just what I need…a 1300 calorie burger and more beer before I head to sleep :smile:

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JR’s is shit. Can I say that on here? Garbage aimed at teenagers, drunks, and overweight Jimmy Buffet fans in cargo shorts. Perhaps if I was drunk off my rocker, that menu would be appealing. Was there several years ago. Burger was uninspiring. Fries were average. Had, I think, the fried oreos or some kind of coronary-inducing dessert and it was a glob of grease. I only wish I had my blog at the time because then I would have had a field day.

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“JR’s is shit” that’s fine but just remember going forward; Notjr is the bomb!!!

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold