Red Bank redux version 2.0 [NJ]

So siam garden will be replaced by another thai place owned by the maung thai owner.

Does anyone know anything about tacoholics?

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does anyone know whats going on with the original San Remo spot on Newmans Spring? Passed by last week and thought I saw some new stuff on the facade. Maybe I was just dreaming…

No you are correct there is a new name on the location but to my knowledge nothing has opened yet. No other intel besides that.

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New name is Via Avanti and they have a sign that says Now Open but I can’t find any info on them

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More italian…hooray

Who is going to take one for the team?

looks like Chowda House closed (also confirmed on Cafe Loret.). Also Hansle and Griddle has rebranded- was not a fan the cpl times I ordered there.

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So I decided to take a night off from Fernandes :joy:

I tried the new Siam Paradise (formerly the Siam Garden) which is located in the Galleria.

It has been open for about a week they said and this is the same owner as Muang Thai, as mentioned earlier.

I started off with a small tom kha gai and this was a real treat. I absolutely love that soup but this rendition really kicked it up a notch. It was bursting with ginger flavor, both julienne ginger and a giant chunk I found and chewed on. If you aren’t a ginger fan pass on this. If you are, go nuts!

So after this ginger explosion I wanted more. I ordered the chicken with ginger and cashews EXTRA spicy (menu said it came spicy.) This dish was just ok but kind of a let down. It literally had no spice. I mean I’m talking to the point where the cook(s) literally forgot to add the chili. I didn’t say anything but I was really disappointed. I got some nice ginger slices and some basil leaves but again, to me this was super bland thai food. The dish itself wasn’t bad but it just lacked umph. Portion size was decent and I think it was 17 .95 or 18.95. I still wish I was sweating, red faced and snot was pouring out of my nose, but it wasn’t my night.

My friend got the hot pot (only hot pot on the menu, # 92)…I remember since that is one of my favorite old football players number. This was a 26.95 giant pot of glass noodles, cilantro, shrimp, etc. It came piping hot and the sweet sauce comes on the side. The flavor was mild as my friend asked for it this way. I had two shrimp and the sauce I dunked them in was quite concentrated and sweet. It should have been mixed into the entire dish IMO.

Overall, this place is pretty much like muang thai moved into siam garden and just changed the menu. The decor is very similar. In fact, they probably just left most of the stuff up.

Overall the service was good. If you have been to muang thai, this is very very similar. Pics…

I enjoyed the hot pot. And, unlike the Muang, parking is a breeze.

Nice! What’s up with the parking now? Most spots say “reserved permit only” from 5 to 5pm monday to friday.

A few say “visitor” closer to the actual building.

I got over to the new Yumi in red bank last night around 9 o’clock. There was one table occupied. The hostess brings us upstairs and it is pretty much full. Why would you stack everyone out of view from the public and make the place look dead (or closing soon?) Any idea?

Anyway, the food is on par with sea bright. If any place does Asian fusion well around here, it is them (at least places that I’ve dined at.)

The upstairs brick walled dining room is loud. Even with sound deadening panels all over the ceiling, it is still cranking up there. On the topic, they really need to hire an interior decorator or something. The place is just “blah” with blank walls and not much curb appeal as people stroll by.

I sampled a few things. The tuna tartare was the star of the night. Those are actually paper thin apple slices you see. I’m not sure how they got these to stand upright so perfectly. I wanted to order a second one but didnt.

The pork gyoza and chicken satay were decent. The chicken was white meat and a little dry but the sweet peanut sauce took care of that and had some nice curry flavor…not spicy.

The korean style short rib and veggie fries were also solid. The beef was incredibly tender and had a little spice to it. It came out on a hot plate which I liked. I’m into hot steak.

Service was good and about as friendly as you will get from these types of places.

Sadly I didnt see the wagyu beef that you cook on a stone. Maybe this was just a rumor. I should have asked our waitress.

Pics aren’t great as it was dark and I didnt want to turn on the flash.


Finally ate at Muang Thai today. Food quality right up there with Kunya. I can’t say enough about it.

Pics and review tomorrow (will put it separate thread because I don’t think it has one, despite several HO reviews).


I’ve enjoyed the crepe spot in the old location. And tbh this area desperately needs a good place to get a salad. When we feel like one there’s not too many places I can name to get a good one

Not exactly a salad but here is something that might interest you. I know you like greek eats so here is something I learned a few weeks ago. I go in and plan to order my usual platter and I ask for it without pita bread. I’m doing a low carb type of diet. The young girl then tells me I can get the same dish without bread for less money. So I said ok. Instead of pita they start with a bed of lettuce and I basically just added everything I could add but nothing high in carbs …so no rice or grape leaves, etc. So in the end I basically had a salad that wasn’t mixed up yet. Just a tip that might work for you when you want a salad.


Nice. Thanks for that. Gonna do that next time. Haven’t been here in too long so gonna bump that up the list

That’s what I do every time!



Has anyone been?

I go all the time! Glad he got a brick/mortar place as I’m not always around where the truck is! Johnny knows his pork roll. Quality sandwich through and through. Pretty sure he is still using rolls from Caputo’s in Long Branch


Eat one for me! I’m doing some kind of diet and not eating bread is part of it. I’ve been doing them without a roll which is not as fun.:smirk:

New spot it looks like…

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