Red Bank redux version 2.0 [NJ]

Justin and I went to The Globe for the first time since before COVID. Actually, we were here the night before New Jersey shut down in March 2020. It was good to be back! If you remember, we used to come here weekly. A lively and much-missed atmosphere tonight due to the football game. So many memories here over the years and this visit was long overdue.

He had a pitcher of Budweiser (ambitious yes, but he did not finish!) while I had a Stoli martini that @NotJrvedivici would go crazy for, where I could not detect a trace of vermouth. Our waiter/bartender poured it out of the shaker at the table each time-- I had two for those counting!

For food, Justin had the healthy combo of sweet Thai chili wings with spiral fries while I had a Cajun chicken sandwich. All adequate.


Globe has always been a solid place for burgers and wings etc. We use to go there when I had a company softball team, there and the old what’s now River Rock. (Name escapes me)

I’m giving Eli’s Backyard a try this weekend, will report back my findings!

Have a good weekend peeps!!




This could be interesting (if they can get staff that is…)

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Today Justin and I walked into Ce La Vie in Red Bank for lunch after realizing our first choice of eatery was closed. We were immediately lunged on by an angry hostess who didn’t even wait for us to be fully inside the restaurant before saying, “I only have outdoor seating since we are setting up for a party and that’s going to be at least a 20 minute wait. Up to you if you want to wait.” I appreciated the honesty but the “Up to you” part rubbed me the wrong way. We walked back outside to talk it over and then figured why not, we would wait. It was a beautiful day.

So Justin goes back inside to say we would wait and she says, “Well, I can give you a table inside but how long are you two going to be? If you can make it quick you can have an inside table.”

Thankfully he nixed that and said no thanks and we left. How long are we going to be? Make it quick? Seriously? We weren’t planning on a long, leisurely experience but also did not want a rush job. The overall attitude of this individual was appalling, and even more so to me since I’ve been working in the restaurant industry the last several months. Obviously someone who does not care about their job or if their restaurant loses business. I know restaurant workers are fed up with the public (I’m one of them some days!) but there was no need for that. We spent our money elsewhere.


Saw this and thought it was interesting. Not a fan of this spot, but hate to see anyone possibly losing a job

That being said, it does raise an interesting point about spots unlucky enough to be outside the “broad walk” zone.


Ha! I just posted this too! Didn’t see your update.

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Lol great minds. I won’t miss it as I had possibly worst meal ever locally there. Like shockingly bad.
I’m interested in larger issue of broadwalk creating winners and losers though, feel like that’s one that should be visited by local officials.

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I had an interesting offer today. The owner of Elli’s Backyard is interested in renting out his kitchen on Mondays.

I wasn’t interested, but I thought that maybe somebody on the board might be.

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Not too familiar with their concept but sounds interesting. Ghost Kitchen Monday. Eh. Really sounds like more trouble than it is worth but interesting.
Now if it was M-F Lunch and Mon night that would be more enticing. Always enjoy hearing about business owners who are willing to have a shared retail/business.
Maybe I can bring The Burrito Boat to life. A combination of fish and chips with California mission style burrito. Maybe not…


Went to Zaitooni’s today. They’re open, but with a limited menu; I get the impression it varies unpredictably from day to day. Prices are also up; platters are $15. Okay, but we can get similar food closer to home at Evan’s and Sahara 34.

One thing I’ll say for them: the restaurant was nice and warm. With the temperature outside about 20F, that was definitely welcome!


Cpl new spots in RB. I’m guessing that means the end of boondocks 2nd location at the old chowda house. Had a truly not good meal there last year. Prob my last experience with that establishment.

Good luck to both spots


Forgot to mention that when I congratulated the owner(?) on his use of cardboard containers instead of Styrofoam, he said that Styrofoam was now banned in Red Bank restaurants. Three cheers for Red Bank! (All of NJ follows later this year, I think.)

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