Red Bank redux version 2.0 [NJ]

(Tom T) #630

We finally got to baan khun and had a very nice meal. Followed @seal suggestion and had the laksa with chicken served with rice. Asked for it Thai hot and it was pretty hot. The wonderful woman who served us was concerned, and said someone had complained after asking for it hot. I told her no matter how hot it came I would not complain. I would say this level of hot was not ridiculous by any stretch. Anyway it was very tasty, I think I am just not a “curry guy”. But I’ll keep trying. :wink: Daughter had the duck with red curry. The duck was fantastic. Crispy, fatty ducky goodness. Wife had the Pad Thai w/chicken and she reported it was good. We started with the Fresh Rolls and the Isaan Sausage as starters. Both very tasty.

Will definitely go back, but not much of a crowd in there, albeit early, on a Friday night. Sweet people, I wish them the best.

(Mr met) #631

just an FYI- had some drinks at triumph last night- really nice spot, they did an amazing job on the interior; service was a bit slow but overall beautiful inside- I imagine when weather warms and they pull up the windows it will be a huge hit…didn’t try the food but people who we met said it was good (not Ho’s though).
on a side note- avoid teak after 10 or so on a Sat night. Less said the better.

(Tom T) #632

Turns into a club, no? My 21 year old son goes there with the boys sometimes.

(Mr met) #633

yes- was painfully unaware of said fact…


What’s the cougar situation like over there? Do the people go from buona sera? Lol

Thursday night is cougar country over at BS

(Junior) #635

Sorry Johnny this is HungryOnion.Org not Tinder.Com I think you logged onto the wrong site. :rofl::joy::rofl::joy:


There are no longer cougars for me. I’m too old. :smile:

I’m just looking out for Tom’s son. Ah to be 21 again!

Fun fact of the day: many years ago cougar was an underground word and people had no clue what it meant for a long time. Once it became public we went with the term Mellencamp. (Get it? John cougar lol)

So you could be sitting next to a pack of cougars at the bar and openly use the term mellancamp without them being any the wiser :slight_smile:

(Mr met) #637

not ideal- mostly younger peeps- if that;'s your thing…felt old man myself…was out of place in Sperry’s.


I’m not on the market, just wondering what it is like over there. I haven’t been to either in years.


We did dinner and beers at Triumph on Friday. It got better marks from me than from my husband. He thinks I gave them points because of nostalgia. I spent a good portion of my twenties playing poker at Triumph in New Hope. Extra points or not aside, service was attentive and the space is enormous. Like reminds me a little of AC enormous.

We had falafel (heavy on the cumin and dense but I liked the tomato sauce on the bottom), husband had a burger (well cooked and juicy, fries were like McD’s) and I had mushroom bon mi. It had a fancier name but I can’t remember it. Too much bread but good.

I really enjoyed my IPA which didn’t taste like 7% which is dangerous.

(Mr met) #640

It was wall to wall packed. Blasting music, too cold to use roof deck. Very young crowd. it seemed to be heavy percentage of Russian cowed goers as wel, just a note. If I was 15 years younger or more I would prob have been ok there save for fact I got the literal worst vodka tonic ever for some astronomical price. Would have complained but didn’t have twenty min to waste getting back to bar. Then they closed diwnstonar before 11


I’ve read this 3x and I’m still wondering…falafel WITH TOMATO SAUCE??? :scream:


Yeah. Weird. It was like a cooked down tomato sauce/spread. With the same flavors. Quite thick. I would have liked it alone on naan.


That’s bizaaaaaarrre


Greek eats is opening today. I call and confirmed.

I’m going if anyone wants to meet up around 7


I meant Greek spot. My mistake

(Mr met) #646

So the rumor is new spot is opening up in the old anas kitchen spot. Brought to you by the team behind Fresh in Highlands. With that team I’d be confident this would be a new top spot on a wasteland at present if you don’t feel like bowling for Chinese food.


I’ve only been to fresh once and they make some good food. The issue with that middletown location is no one can see it while driving by, much like their spot in highlands (or most spots in highlands actually.)

Is fresh moving or is this a second location?

(Mr met) #648

Second location. Going to be called something different and I think menu will be a bit different too but not 100% sure of that yet


Ana’s kitchen in Middletown right? I didn’t know they closed but not surprised. We went twice and it was nothing special but the wait was unbelievable. Like over an hour between courses with no explanation.