Red Bank redux version 2.0 [NJ]

(Mr met) #650

you that’s the spot…it’s def not a location where you think “restaurant” but this team has enough rep that Think they will pull it off.
Read similar things about the previous iteration; lousy often combative service, unreal wait times/pacing, and poor $$ to quality/value. Had it on bottom of a list of places to try but never made it, so not surprised it’s gone. In that location you need to really shine to keep going I think. Hopefully this time around the new team puts a gem there; they could use something good in that vicinity.

(David) #651

I heard that Siam Garden, the longtime Thai spot in the Galleria is leaving. Nothing on their website yet:

(Mr met) #652

saw at one point they had tried to get town council to OK pot store there but got rejected. However, literally let cat out of the bag on siam Garden closing

(Mr met) #653

did you ever make it there CJ? Gotta hit this place up soon…very excited.

(Junior) #654

I was waiting to hear myself, I wanted to go muse but got sidetracked.