Red Bank redux version 2.0 [NJ]


Good stuff Dave. I hope they do well. I just think a few menu items are not priced in the ball park, but I’m sure they will find this out.

Any news on the greek spot opening?

(Mr met) #610

Greg- btw- I know you had lamented the graveyard that is Middletown around the post office on 35…some good news- heard a rumor of a real deal chef opening a joint there…can’t really say much more than that now- but his spot has been referenced here before and if it works out would def be the new go to spot there.

(Greg Caggiano) #611

Which area of 35, near where Steak & Ale used to be?


I think he means 36.

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If we are talking about the old steak and ale, isn’t that going to a big Dunkin donuts?

(Greg Caggiano) #615

Wow. Okay. That place is such a dead zone. Steak & Ale rocked and rolled for years but after they closed, no one wanted to move in. Same for Friendly’s. Guess the people on 35 know doom when they see it, unlike on 36 with that Mediterranean place adding themselves to the roster of failures in that single location.

But if this chef has a name and brand, that could certainly change things.

Last I heard, the Steak & Ale property was going to become a Dunkin’, day care center, and auto parts store. Like we don’t have enough of all three around…


That would be interesting to see them put an autoparts store while there is an autozone literally on the next property over.

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Agree seems silly but hey they keep building them for a reason I guess?
Yeah the spot is gonna be in the area over there. There’s a new moes going up by shop rite as well.
Guy isn’t a huge brand but had a nice spot with good following and very well thought of. Looking forward to it

(Greg Caggiano) #618

“Help Wanted” sign at House of Chong. Maybe one of their 90 year old waiters finally moved on to that great Tiki Bar in the sky. :frowning:


I heard it was going to be a large DD with a drive in. The should be interesting to see how they fit an auto parts store in that parking lot. I wonder if it is a chain parts store. I would think it would be but who knows.

Greg, yeah you could be right.

(Greg Caggiano) #620

I called House of Chong for shits and giggles thinking if they needed a bartender to make all five drinks ordered there per night, I would offer my services. But alas, they are looking for delivery drivers. The ancient waiters still live!