Red Bank redux version 2.0 [NJ]

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Wow just what’s needed !!!


Are you serious? There are more Mexican places serving good tacos in rb than any town I can think of in monmouth.

Will this place be like a surf taco with nautical decor to distract you from the bland food you are eating?

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Si senor” !


Tacoholics first brick and mortar location is in Brick. I went in once when they first opened and never bothered to go back. And I didn’t even bother to order anything.

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yeah- this one seems destined to fail…we have good authentic ones all over in RB and plenty of “gringo”/Americanized style stuff too so I don’t really get the point. Surf Taco is like right across the street and already well established. There’s no parking and they are already worrying about expanding the seating (without approval yet). I don’t get it…Tacos must be new cupcakes, poke, froyo…

I also don’t know how much longer the Bubakoos in Shrewsbury has left- never see anyone in there…gave it a cpl shots- was bland and bland can be- made water seem exciting…service was eager but unorganized, pricing WAY too high, the gauc was clearly synthetic junk too…yet somehow the owners want to franchise like 500 more of them…maybe just get the current spots to do well first?
So many places lately looking to be the next Panera or Chipotle and make $$$ of of franchising rather than build a proper spot; the new greens and grains or whatever in Shrewsbury Plaza- I’ve driven by at least a dozen times, think I’ve seen a total of 3 people in there…just don’t get it…
Also- Bobby’s burgers in Eatontown just closed, another franchise I found to be super disappointing, way oo $$$ for what you got…I used to enjoy Bar Americain when it first opened in Midtown like 8 years ago.

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We had dinner at Bar Americain shortly after it opened. Found the food extremely disappointing so never went back. Had several very good meals at Mesa Grill and Bolo. All three have closed. His only remaining NYC restaurant is Gato which we liked. Never been to any of his burger places.

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Had business lunches there- think it was more so where aim was (the booze on someone else’s tab helped as well)- business lunches and tourists…def tailed off after a while…was good for people watching too…


I don’t get it either. There’s a been a Bubbakoos in my town for sometime now, I think maybe the second one of the chain - never been there. Never been to Chipotle either but that’s cuz I once saw the founder on a TV show and thought he was a jerk. I’m like that, as if my not patronizing the business is really going to hurt him. I used to like Surf Taco when it was just a dive in Point Pleasant Beach. Not so much any more.

My favorite Mexican food is usually in places where I’m the only non-Mexican in the joint.

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I’m the same way except I don’t care if my lack of patronage will hurt them I just refuse to support people I can’t or don’t respect. For me it’s just more a matter of morals and I don’t offer apologies for it.


Completely with you on that!


I absolutely feel the same way.

From the time she was little The Sprout could tell you what she wasn’t allowed to have because I “didn’t like the company and wouldn’t give them my money”. It’s the principle of the thing.

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{{cough cough}} {{ [Marilyn Schlossbach}} {{cough cough}}

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you know what happened the last time!!! Poor CJ is gonna get it now…

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Exactly, there’s a method to my madness…mwwwaaaaaahaaaaahaaaa (evil laugh)


pops popcorn and gets settled in for the show

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great- someone let Greg know he’ll have to play UN again as well…
so no Ho-down at Russell & Bettes anytime soon?


Jeez are you guys throwing me under the bus? :smile:

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Ha! I’m ready!


I think this place is new.

Any intel? 18 bucks for a salad seems kind of steep. So that’s 3 Thai joints in RB if this is indeed new and still open.

13 bucks for a dessert? And 5 people or more get a 20% tip added to their bill.

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I’ve been to Baan Khun twice now and I’ve liked everything I had. They are definitely not just a Thai restaurant as the first time I ate there I had laksa! I was very happy to find good laksa nearby as it is among my favorite dishes of any kind. I also had one of those 18 dollar salads, the papaya salad to be precise, and not only was it substantial but it also had some nice big shrimp in it. I spoke with Jack, the owner, and it turns out he is the brother of the owner of Muang Thai.