Red Bank redux version 2.0 [NJ]


I’m glad you had a good time and everyone is safe.

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So apprently Linos is now Tinos. Does anyone know if anything changed? Website is the same it looks like.

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Same. Tino has been running it for the last few years and from what he told me, officially owns the business now. I was in there Friday night with my daughter and everything is the same as it has been, at least since he’s taken over as I wasn’t in there previously.

They do now have tamales on the weekend. I am no tamale conoisseur but I had a green one and a red one. They were nice, but if I have a big tamale like that every couple years…I’m good. :smiley:


Thanks for the info tom.

Tonight I think I might hit Bombay river. Has anyone had any good dishes there recently?


So I hit Bombay river tonight and kept it super simple to compare it to some other local spots. I got the lamb roganJosh and my friend got the chicken Tikka Masala. It was her first Indian food experience so I kept it safe. We ordered the chicken medium spice and the lamb the next level above medium. Neither really had any heat at all but the flavor is there. This is my second time there and it is a decent spot. I got a good cilantro profile and I love cilantro! a cranked up heat level would have made this dish much better I think, but I kept it mild tonight so my friend could try some lamb. @Metsfan53 apparently this place delivers if you’re into indian food.

I got some chianti as my wine of choice to go with the northern Indian dishes. They went well together.


Second night in a row in rb.

For you Thai fans, I have some good news. After many years Siam garden has brought back the chicken wrapped in pandan leaves. I really like these little chucks of deep fried chicken. I’m not sure why they took they off the menu but the waitress said they are not the easiest to make labor wise. Anyway, give them a shot. Ten bucks for 4 of them. If money wasn’t an issue I’d get about 5 orders and snack on these during football for a change of pace lol.

Chicken larb was pretty decent and it was my first time trying it here. Tom kha gai, not pictured, was killer and I always get this. I’d say it is the best around here and they recently upped their game by drizzling some awesome chili oil on top. Next time I will ask for extra. I wish I got a pic but I forgot. It looked awesome with the brightly colored oil sitting on top and contrasting the white soup. Great soup!


Triumph is finally open if you guys haven’t heard.
I went tonight to find the place railed at 7:40

They told me 30 to 40 minutes for a table of two. We walked around for probably 6 or 7 minutes and tried to sneak into the bar for a drink. No dice. We left. Sorry, I didn’t take a single pic.

I got frustrated and decided for some reason to try danny’s after like 7 years. Don’t ask me why lol.

Triumph was a truly impressive buidling. They really did a great job keeping the building clean and modern, yet from a distance it is old school red bank and industrial inside… unlike that train wreck two doors down, west elm I think with those easter pastel colors.

You have to see the seating at this place. It is wild. Think Asbury bier Garten style…maybe even more seating if you add all the rooms and outdoor seating up. This place is going to crush it if they can put out semi passable food. That’s all it will really will take to hit a home run in that location. They have the galleria parking lot with free parking and that was almost filled tonight.

This place will thrive and probably hurt the urban coal house, or triumph could get so many people they will get overflow customers.

Ps, I always questioned what the hell was taking so long over the years. Now that I have seen the venue, it is kind of understandable why this place didn’t take a few months to pop up.

I’ll probably post some lackluster food review soon so stand by. Haha!

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I wonder if the next Red Bank parking battle is going to be with the tenants at the Galleria if people going to Triumph are taking all the parking.


This is going to happen very fast. Hell it already did. I had two groups of different women park in the galleria parking lot and tailed me walking over down the block.

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That is probably just due to your animal magnetism.


I wish!! :smile: