Red Bank redux version 2.0 [NJ]

(Mr met) #549

agree that location is just so disconnected form the main downtown it’s almost like its a separate area, feel like its needs to be something special to draw people since its away from the main hub and its such as huge space to boot.
Chiafullos is awesome, have ordered from there several times and they are always really good and very helpful too.

(Dan) #550

Any recent reports on the Indian restaurant that took over PhoLe space?

(David) #551

I’ve eaten at Bombay River a few times. They are getting popular and the last time we got the last table in the house. Their chicken tikka salad bowl is a great lunch.


I’ve only been once and enjoyed it.

I will go back but just havent been in rb much during the summer.


A mediocre pizza place will do well there. It just needs to be good enough…sadly. There is a lot of foot traffic there believe it or not, as well as delivery options in red bank and Middletown. I would love to see something interesting but it won’t happen.

(Mr met) #554

something interesting…like the Cuban place that died before it ever lived…would go nuts for a place like that…miss sophies/tinas from my midtown days…

btw- agree on delivery/foot traffic as type of spot. aka pizza Chinese. Just don’t think a place relying on dinner will really work since its disconnected from the downtown area to an extent so no bar hopping really.

(Mr met) #555

have an anniversary dinner coming up soon- whats the best spot these days- looking to stick to peninsula/sea bright area- sadly Christines is a bit far with a babysitter these days…
Thinking Blue Grotto, Semolina, Albarino as my choices… has the new Dennis Foy spot picked up at all?
Happy to hear anyones thoughts…
I’m sure instead I’ll end up at windmill in RD and too sad to leave the little one for more than 30 min…


It is a tough spot. The only thing I can see working there is a pizza or some good chinese. The issue is you have that entire dining room to fill so that obviously is jacking up rent and you have to cover that. A deli won’t work, I doubt any other ethnic places would work, and nothing fancier would work there with no parking lot imo. That place needs to churn over a lot of customers and that means fairly priced mediocre food…unfortunately.


Based on Dave’s pics and review of semolina, I am not racing to get there. I will wait until I hear some good things from people I follow on here.

Albarino isn’t quite my style, so I can’t help you on that. Blu grotto is a really nice venue with pretty decent food. If decor and ambiance are some what important, this place is nice.

My vote is Angelica’s. I like that place a lot and it is in your desired area. I’ve said it many times before, their pork chop is one of my favorite dishes around here…and I’m a steak guy at heart. You will need reservations at peak hours. They have a good anti-past too, as well as some cool whole fish specials, angry lobster, chicken scarp, etc. Dollar for dollar, this byob place is putting out some damn good food. If this place had a bar I would be there too often lol.

On the Cuban topic, what is going on with that building?

(Junior) #558

Of the options you listed for a special occasion I would pick Blu Grotto. I also enjoy 26 West if you haven’t tried it could be a nice place to celebrate…

Lastly I’ll throw into the mix my personal sentimental favorite the Raven and Peach however hit or miss is the best I can say regarding the service. If you are on a time restriction I wouldn’t risk it.

(Mr met) #559

I like the 26 west. Hadn’t thoihn Of that. Ty.
Yes time is a bit of an issue so no 2.5 hour meals sadly

(Mr met) #560

No idea on the Cuban.

Angelica’s I hadn’t thought of that. Def on my list now plus yumi if the boss wants sushi


Both are solid. Yumi is a cool spot but you can run up a bill there. It isn’t a bad thing but just realize that if you haven’t been there. Angelica is on par with Christine.

I’ll give the food edge to christine, sans the pork chop. I haven’t had the ribeye at Christine’s.

Venue will go to angelica by far. It is much more spacious.
Parking is about the same (public parking close by)

Service Christine but angleicas is also great. Ron is an amazing host and always puts a smile on your face.

Bread I’m giving to Angelica

Overall, these are two great places and I’m splitting hairs. I live between both and I’m happy they are putting out great food. Either way, I think you will be happy with both. They are byob.

(David) #562

I’m not sure where that is, but I know I really liked the food at Semolina. They are right behind Via45 now as one of my top recs in Red Bank.


Maybe I’m confusing this with the other spot.


I wasn’t impressed with Albarino when we went. All the food was oddly greasy. We will try them again perhaps if we want a drink in the area. I would recommend D’jeet. I love that place and it is right across the street. BYOB.

We greatly enjoyed Semolina and I hope to make it back there soon. I thought we would end up there tonight for my husband’s birthday, but instead we are headed to Reyla’s!

(Junior) #565

Albrarino I’ve gone twice, the first time sat at a table with my wife and had a good experience. The second time I was alone, sat at the bar, had a steak that was terrible. Like you, I will “try them again” but I’m in no rush. It’s going to do well simply because it’s the only game in Shrewsbury, finally the townies don’t have to go into RB or the Peninsula for a night out.


It is in a spot where there there is a gap in food and it has a bar. I bet it would do better if it was on the other side of 35 in the grove. I liked the front room where you could buy wines. Smart idea to sell the bottles if you liked what you were drinking.


Had a fun night out at Albarino over the weekend with two other couples. With drinks the tab can add up quickly. Had a dozen or so tapas, 4 pitchers sangria, and a $40+ deduction to the bill due to a small issue that arose that the restaurant handled quite well. All in all, $160 per couple with tax and tip. Add to that the $500 deductible I have to pay to my auto insurer for the deer that ran into my car in Colts Neck on the way home, and the price really got jacked!!

(Junior) #568

OUCH!! -or- Oh Deer!!! Sorry to learn of the collision! Glad it happened on a full and satisfied stomach!