Red Bank redux version 2.0 [NJ]


So cafe loret has 7 good yelp reviews so far. I saw they even have lamb in the menu at market price :confused:

Dave any word on the Korean place,

(David) #530

Sorry @corvette_johnny I let my own hopes get ahead of me. There was a Korean restaurant that wanted the space but it ended up going to a Vietnamese restaurant. I hear they may have some other dishes on the menu as well.

(Mr met) #531

Think the Vietnamese place is by muang Thai people. So will prob be good but very expensive


Darn, I’m bummed out. I was really hoping to get a cool Korean joint in there.

Metsfan, I agree Muang is good but over the last 2 years prices are too high.

(Tom T) #533

Tried to go to dinner tonight in RB. Both Semolina and Via couldn’t accommodate walk ins at 6 on a Thursday night. Good for them.

Ended up at B2 for an unremarkable meal.


That’s the reason I’ve only been to b2 once! I was really underwhelmed.

(Greg Caggiano) #535

I actually walked in and out of there because of the prices. No lunch menu. $18 for fried rice? I’ll pass.

I’ll pay good money for good food, but despite the awesome decor, wasn’t feeling it. Kunya isn’t cheap, so if I’m going to doll out serious bucks for Thai food, it will be to her.


I went last weekend. I think I forgot to post to your thread. I wasn’t that hungry but had the beef salad. Can you ask Kunya to bottle that dressing and sell it? Serious question. I love that stuff! :smile:

I bet she could market that and sell lots of bottles.

(Greg Caggiano) #537

I’ll see what I can do. :wink:

(Tom T) #538

I’ve probably been half a dozen times with a 50% total success rate. My gripe with them in the past resolved around service, but they seem to have ironed out the kinks for the most part there. Starters are usually solid as is the burger and the roasted chicken and the pastas. Last night the slow cooked pig was a miss to me. they took the meat and formed it into a square which was a nice presentation but the meat itself was very wet and tasteless. The escarole next to it was delicious. Weird as I think I had the pig the first time I was there and it was great.

Definitely on the expensive side, happy hour pricing helps with that.

(Junior) #539

I had bad business with one of the original backers of B2 so I stayed away, however I had heard he divested himself so I tried it. Was completely underwhelming in every manner, been there, done it, no need to try again.

(Plus even if the felon is no longer involved I don’t care to support those who would have partnered with him. Don’t get me wrong if it was extraordinary then sure! I can be a hypocrite just like anyone else, but I won’t corrupt my morals for just average or below! Dammit I have standards!!)


I really don’t have a reason to go back unless you guys tell me that aged burger is worth the trip, or you guys want to get some wings. I know Dave and I talked about getting some wings but it didn’t pan out. I’m still down to do some rb wings.


Best of luck to John. He really knows his pork roll and makes an awesome sandwich.


It’s amazing red bank won’t let food trucks in town.

I hope this guy does well.

I wanted to try fizZ. I wonder if pricing had anything to do with them shutting down. I remember chili cheese fries were 10 bucks. I guess that is why I never rushed over to try it.

(Mr met) #543

Feel like that’s a tough location. No parking and not sure you ever get enough people in he door to match your overhead. Hope it changes though. I remember the time I tried to go there when it was red bank sub shop. 2 on a sat and the guy told me he couldn’t make me a sub Bc the slicer wasn’t working. Well that’s a problem for a sub shop maybe…


That definitely is a really tough location. My thoughts are that they aren’t going to get commuter traffic. People on their way to work are probably not going to park down the road and walk over to this joint. I could be wrong but I don’t think so.

Then you have the niche market. I LOVE porkroll but how many people are going to go out of their way to eat here? I will gladly support a local business and a product that I love, but this looks like a daunting task. Nonetheless, these guys look legit, down to earth and hardworking people. I hope they thrive and I wish them the best!


So it appears the o bistro is closed. Does anyone know what is going in there next (this is the old red bank pizza location across from the wawa/windmill)


That always struck me as such an odd location. And it always looked closed.

(Junior) #547

Red Bank Pizza / Chiaffalo’s(sp?) should have never left!! They had a pretty decent pie, their kitchen food was pretty good for pizza place and there were there for a long time. I assume it was a landlord dispute but dammit, come back!!!


They are over near me now in navesink. I was there last night actually for buffalo chicken pizza…good stuff. Their burgers kick ass!

That place did good business when it was red bank pizza and chiafullos.

Hopefully they put something cool in that spot but I doubt it.