Red Bank redux version 2.0 [NJ]

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3am Friday Saturday. They also have delivery with GrubHub.

Funny, I always think of them for breakfast.

They would be better than Windmill. No chix fingers tho…


That menu looks interesting but no regular cheese steak? Sigh. Too many flat pieces of bread for me. I love tacos but this is too much I think.

I could be missing it, but it looks like the only one I see is in a flour tortilla.


Barnacle Bill’s chicken fingers…daughter tested and approved…with honey mustard dipping sauce

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Agree. Was looking for a cheesesteak actually.

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Agree. They are pretty good there. Also believe it or not the chicken parm is actually a decent option there

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I think we all agree this area could use a decent cheese steak. There’s a whole thread on this depravity, and still no progress.

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Did anyone notice gaetanos changed thier name? Was I think the first place I ever ate in red bank. Had a cpl good meals there when ordering carefully. Never great and was surpassed by a bunch of places these days. Apparently same team in place still

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Guess the lack of response shows why they changed name in first place.

Anyone got any news on t he Cuban place supposedly on its way?


Unfortunately I don’t know either answer.

The Cuban joint used to have a web page with basically nothing on it. Now I don’t even see that…could be me though.

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By the way, walked past Carlos O’Connor’s today and it appears they are kaput. The sign on the building remains, but the window decal reads “Tipico Restaurante” or something to that effect. Not sure if they are open or still in renovation mode.

Was never a fan of the place, but still surprised. One of those places that has “always” been there. I could be wrong, but I always thought they rode their initial success of being Red Bank’s “first” Mexican restaurant, at least one aimed at an American clientele.

One time we went and brought in a bottled margarita. They were a BYOB but told us that extended to beer and wine only. Never went back.

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Update to my own post: after further investigation, Carlos O’Connor’s has changed its name to Mariachi-Tipico but is still the same business. Puzzling.

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In the great state of NJ the law restricts BYOB to beer and wine only. Officially you can’t bring your own hard alcohol. The restaurant can get trouble if they allow you to.

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I thought I remembered seeing something like that, actually Little Szechuan has a note on their website. I wasn’t sure if they were exaggerating or not.

There’s a Peruvian place in Hazlet, Inkanto, which openly advertises they will make you your own Sangria if you bring the wine or margaritas if you bring tequila. I guess they are treading dangerously or are unaware.

And I always bring Scotch to two Indian restaurants I frequent. I’m usually the popular table that night. I’ve been going forever and always offer a dram. :smiley:


Jeff is correct. Most places look the other way though.

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Yeah, I carry my booze in a decorative decanter with no identifying factors as to its contents.

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I’ve always been impressed with the decanter JR brings to dinner. I even took a picture once when he was getting it out of his truck.

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You can’t get more discreet than that :laughing:

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Notice how many people helped me walk in the restaurant. How does the saying go; “With friends like these…”?

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I’m the furthest guy on the right in my baseball cap. My one job is to watch the other guys work.