Red Bank redux version 2.0 [NJ]


I think I’ve been twice. I remember having a pizza once and it was pretty decent. I forgot the second dish but it wasn’t bad. So I guess if it wasn’t memorable it wasn’t great or terrible.

As for takeout, where do people park? That isn’t an easy area to find parking

(Mr met) #290

I used muni lot on the back. Was pretty quick in and out to be honest. Thought it would be tough like normal RB parking but was easy peasy

(Dan) #291

We call in our order, head into town, wife drops me off, does the loop around and then pulls back in front so I can hop back in the car. In and out in 15 mins.

Otherwise I would pull into the back lot.

(David) #292

Lol. I never tire of the rants at Red Bank parking, but in 40 years of living in Monmouth County, I’ve never had to walk more than a couple of blocks anytime I head into town. Whether I’m picking up tacos at NOTB or a pie to go at one of the fine pizza joints, as long as I don’t want to park on Broad St. I am fine. In the warmer months we’ve even brought our food to the water for a picnic in the park.

I just have to ask though about everyone’s favorite Italian place in Red Bank. Mine continues to be Via 45. If I am going for more than just a pizza, it is definitely Via 45. I had a steak special there two weeks ago that took me back to Florence with every mouthful.

(Dan) #293

Lol, such is life. I guess we like their pizza enough to pickup rather than eat in and deal with the noise level before the food is cold.

I don’t have a favorite restaurant in RB…yet anyway.


We’ve ordered from Patrizia’s via GrubHub several times. Food is always good.


How would you guys compare patrizias to brothers? Obviously they differ but I am just wondering. I’ve only had a single pizza at patrizias yet I’ve had quite a few brothers pies in my day. I recall that single pie to be pretty good and it was one of their specialties with sausauge.

On a different note, has anyone been to the French bistro lately?

(David) #296

I think I remember @goodparmesan mentioning he liked O Bistro.

Also, my favorite pies at Brothers and Patrizias are too different to compare. I really like brothers plain cheese pie.


Brothers plain is a classic and I like their sausage too. If I told you how many brothers pies I’ve had in my life we might have to compare that to gus’s dogs lol

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Noooooooooo brothers white garlic pie rules!!!

(David) #299

What is this “white garlic” of which you speak?

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Typical white pie of ricotta and mozzarella topped with roasted garlic! Soooooo gooood !!!

WARNING Do not expect any make out sessions with Mrs. Seal immediately after consuming

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Oh I’m sorry I would have tagged you to the original post if I knew you had make out sessions with Seals wife! My bad!

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I feel like this could go in so many directions, none good

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Not to change the topic, but …

We were at the new Catch and also at Via 45 over the holiday weekend. Night and day. Catch was barely worth the money, if that, while I’d have paid more for my meal at Via 45. GL in the new spot, Catch.


Seal what did you guys get? I wasn’t thrilled with catch19 but I will head back to try some other dishes. In the same breath, I have only been to via45 a few times and wasn’t blown away either. It’s red bank. You’re paying some rb tax either way, unless you want some hole in the wall spots.

(David) #307

We had two fish, sea bass I think, a steak, and an order of lamb chops. I think it came out to like $9 a chop.


Wow that is steep. I have to get there again. My dinner was actually pretty good but like you, I sometimes never learn my lesson and got a pork chop. I am spoiled when it comes to the pork chop in sea bright so I should never order one locally.

For the price of those lamb chips I think you could have gotten probably 40 tacos at IMG :):grinning: