Red Bank redux version 2.0 [NJ]


How about Rosa Mexicano?

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I think we have a WINNER!!! I see table clothes and an upper $20 price entree price range, that’s looking pretty upscale-ish to me!!! I also think I might have eaten at one of these locations as well, the guac bowl on their web site looks familiar. Is this where they do table side guacamole prep? The guy comes out with a couple of avocados, peels them places them in a bowl with other ingredients and makes the guacamole table side? I remember being at a place that like 10+ years ago for a business dinner. Yeah bring that place to Red Bank and I’ll give it a try.


Maya on the upper east side gets my nod over Rosa Mex in the city actually

Casa Romero in Boston is my favorite though.

But I’m not a fan of BYO for Mexican. They should put a decent Indian there…now that would be good!


Indian in red bank? I’ve always wondered if that would work. I don’t think there has ever been an Indian joint in rb, at least not that I can remeber.

I’m with mets fan on Portuguese or german…or so Korean BBQ would be really cool


Curious why you don’t think Indian wouldn’t work…stinks that I have to drive to Middletown or Freehold for any “decent” Indian food.

Portuguese would be awesome. I can’t remember the last time anyone opened a new German restaurant anywhere apart form the various beer hall/gardens that are proliferating.


YES!! Consistently fantastic guacamole!


Totally with you on Indian food!!


I didn’t say it wouldnt work. I was just wondering if it would. I would love to see a cool Indian place in rb but it seems to be a tough spot to run a restaurant. There is a lot of turnover there.

I’m not an Indian connoisseur but the haldi chowk spot in middletown has been enjoyable.


Yes I’m a fan of Haldi Chowk too!..miss Karma Cafe from Hoboken though. I heard some time ago that the old Fameabilia space was slated to be an Indian restaurant but it never panned out.


Sadly I don’t think any German spots remain in Monmouth county after the fire at Schneiders. I could be wrong though. I would love a german spot in rb!

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So all we need in Red Bank is an Indian/German fusion resto.


Yup…with the Korean charcoal grills at the table too! Lol.

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I guess that would be a branch of Paramjit’s Kitchen in British Columbia.

Is there any combination people haven’t opened yet?!


Add a pasta bar and you may just have a winner.

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Did anyone see cafe28 moved? It appears he left town and is in ocean…from what I read online.

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Yes, it’s in Ocean. Parking is easy.

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ADid Patrizia’s take out tonight, just basic salad and penne vodka, ao nothing outrageous. Food was very good and portions were more than fair. Place was packed at 530 on Sun. Looked to be a cpl parties going on as well. Will def go back for a night out

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While we have had a few tasty items off their menu and have attended two small family gatherings there, I find the noise level incredibly distracting to the meal and conversations from my own table. Because thetables are close together and carries from main floor to second level on top of kitchen to table service, we only do pizza takeout these days.

Oh and the cheesecake cannoli dessert is one of our favorite Brooklyn indulgences…we order those to go to when available.

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did seem a bit loud- take out might be the way to go- they are even up on Seamless too for delivery…prob not a date night kind of place…seems like parties area big business for them.