Taco Crawl Red Bank - NJ Dec. 27th

I will be in Red Bank the week in between Christmas and New Years and I think a taco crawl/drive across town is in order. We could do NOTB, IMG, and Lino’s if we pace ourselves.


Obviously a busy time of year but throw a date out there and if I can make it I certainly will !!

We should make sure none of these are closing for that week.

Right now I’m thinking exactly one month from now, Wednesday, December 27th.

I could do that…

Remind me in 27 days from now! (for now I’m good)

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Not sure if that will work for us–Mark may be teaching that afternoon.

In any case, though, this should have its own thread.

Are you thinking of lunch, dinner, mid-afternoon or all of the above?

Hoping it’s dinner–otherwise I’m not able to make it!

what would be everyones recommended venues, choice of taco in each venue and route?

Dinner but starting early. Those with time constraints can catch up at the second stop or third if they like.

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I have two weeks off so I will be away but a few recommendations…

AL pastor and arabes at IMG.

Chorizo, AL pastor and chicken at linos.

At notb I normally get other dishes but the tacos are ok. Chorizo is my favorite there but linos are a lot better in my eyes.

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Peripherally related… I was at the Haddon Heights Famers Market on Sunday & there was a taco truck across from us. They had some really terrific sounding tacos but I totally forgot to get some when we were leaving. The three that caught my eye were: Cumin Chicken; Coffee-Braised Beef & Jerked Brisket. It’s going to be next spring till I get back there so I won’t know any more till then.

Also, FWIW that’s a really good market. Produce is excellent & some other really good vendors. Definitely a cut above. It’s Sundays May - October. Plus the holiday market which was last weekend.

There’s always La Chaparrita, too!

What’s good there? I usually just rotate between img, notb and linos.

Don’t forget to hit surf taco! :wink:

Tacos, tortas, tamales!

Sweet! Do they have different style tamales? There isn’t much online about this place. One person said the tamales were only cooked on the weekends. That could be false or outdated so any clue on that?

I was there once on the weekend. Tamales are made in the mornings and on weekends. Other than that their menu is primarily cemitas, tortas, tacos, and daily specials. They have a menu somewhere online but it’s really low resoluton. I believe the tamales are masa dough and meat, not sure if there are other kinds. It’s been a few years since I’ve been’

We stopped there on our original Red Bank Taco Crawl in 2014. Had tamales and they were good, but I haven’t been back since. I’m not sure why.

So, the plan is to meet up at my wife’s store at 47A Broad St next to Via 45 at 4 pm. From there we will decide mostly based on the weather if we want to walk/crawl or drive/crawl starting with notb at around 5 pm. I guess we should start getting a headcount , so who’s in? @NotJrvedivici @corvette_johnny @eleeper @BossaNova @Oldandtired @CurlzNJ @joonjoon @goodparmesan @JoeBabbitt et al?