Red Bank redux version 2.0 [NJ]

(Tom T) #246

Our daughter’s birthday is next week, maybe we will give this a go to try something new.

Re: the drink menu, yea it seems weird to give cookbook directions, but that Boulevardier sounds interesting.

With a menu like that I’d expect their beer selection to be a little more adventurous. Fairly limited on the craft type beers.

(Mr met) #250

CJ. Believe I read somewhere old catch spot is gonna be an upscale Mexican boy.


Now I remember you saying that. Sorry, I forgot. I don’t foresee a byob mexican spot making it there, but we will see.

(Mr met) #252

Agree. Seems an odd choice indeed. Wishing for a good German or Portuguese spot is too much I guess


Upscale Mexican would be nice…byo not so much

(Junior) #254

Can anyone name an “upscale Mexican” place anywhere? I don’t believe I have ever seen this concept before. I mean you’ve got Carlos O’Conner’s that about as upscale Mexican as I can think of. Are there or have there ever been this concept before? Copper Canyon? (I don’t really think that’s a Mexican place as much as South Western)

(Mr met) #255

I’d have to go into NYC to find something, nothing really local. Given the nature of the many casual/mid level places we already have, plus no liquor license I wonder how this would do? I also question why they revamped Catch, unless it wasn’t doing well.? Gotham with a some silverware doesn’t really scream seafood to me, that place just had a creepy vibe. I think they would have been better off leaving Catch alone and chasing Char in the new spot rather than making Catch some weird amalgam of the two.


Isn’t Barrio Costero in Asbury considered upscale Mexican? There are a few others I’ve heard of… I forget the names. Tequila Bistro or the like.

I’ve seen the concept before in multiple Latin American cuisines. El Cocotero as upscale Venezualan in Jersey City, Samba as upscale Brazilian in Montclair, etc. etc.

(Junior) #257

First time I’m ever hearing of Barrio Costero , I just googled it and it looks like a nice setting but I wouldn’t call it upscale based on their website. Rule 1 for me with the term upscale would be a table clothed setting.


Barrio Costero in AP.


With Mexican cuisine I’d say there’s a pretty fine line between hole in the wall and upscale. I’m guessing that the Red Bank “upscale” Mexican joint is to be similar to Barrio Costero’s.

Applying classically trained cooking techniques and fusions to historical Mexican dishes.

The definition of upscale having been shifted toward having more of a loose definition of hip, trendy atmosphere and interior, seasonal menu, craft cocktails, mid-priced entrees.

(Junior) #260

Well then you can say tomato and I will say tomaahhto and we can agree to disagree on what we consider upscale then!!!

I recently had dinner at Brando’s in APP and afterward the group I was with wanted to go cocktailing, so we hit this under-ground bar (literally) called the “Complex”. It was so hipster I wanted to dig a hole even deeper than the one we were already in and get the hell out of there. I truly believe I have a “hipster” allergy, man buns and excessively moused beards make me break out in a rash.

(Jeff) #261

Is there a way to like a post more than once?


What the HELL made you go there?? It’s for 20-somethings. Next time go to Reyla or Barrio for drinks!

(Junior) #263

As I said the group I was with wanted to go there, but I had never been nor will ever be back. I wanted to go to the Asbury Hotel roof top but I was out voted. After the complex we hit what Asbury Ale House (? the previous Old Man Rafferty’s) which was a tad more tolerable than The Complex.

Have you been to the Asbury Hotel Roof Top Bar?


100000% agree with your take on Catch/Gotham remix. The interior is bizarre and doesn’t say seafood or fresh. It says don’t take your eyes off your drink. Our waiter at Catch assures us that the new Catch is very busy but it was very dead for lunch. Granted it was a Tuesday but still.


I would put Dos Caminos (few locations in the city) in this upscale Mexican category too. I’ve eaten there a few times and never been super impressed honestly. Another + for Bario in AP. I think this is the idea that the new RB spot will be targeting.


Ale House–the other 20-something spot!!! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
I haven’t been to the rooftop bar but have been to events on the Baronet side, and it’s lovely up there!

(Mr met) #267

Went to Gotham one for an event and picked up a weird vibe- decor was bizarre and did not fit the town/area at all. No idea why they pretty much kept it and just moved Catch over and then changed entire concept.
From my younger sources, Gotham existed pretty much as a creeper spot for older men to hit on 20 something ladies (while I know pretty much every place exists for that- people I know that went said it felt extra weird/creepy.

(Junior) #268

I’ve been to the Dos Caminos on E50th for lunch when staying at the Kimberly. While it’s a fine place, I have a hard time qualifying that as upscale, especially given the fact it’s in Manhattan.