Red Bank redux version 2.0 [NJ]

I drink 077xx when they have that on tap…big fan

I would definitely wouldn’t recommend mcclones ale house for food. The bar is decent though for drinks.

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Also delishus.

I’ve had some good burgers at Hansel and Griddle in RB. Bring a six pack or two …

But, I might go high end and go to 26 West, almost next door to H and G. Their Bank Burger is very good.

Good choices … thx. Meet up is in a few weeks.

I was wondering if any of the Mexican spots make a decent burger. It never dawned on me to try a burger at one of these spots. I know a few have them.

Lino’s doesn’t seem to have burgers. I don’t know–to me, going to a Mexican place and ordering a burger is like going to a sushi restaurant and ordering Fettuccine Alfredo.

Well there is this…

I also think Queso Mexican grill in Lincroft has burgers

Could be worth a try…

I think I will stick with my BB and PH/sitting duck rotation. I wish there was a place around here to get a charcoal cooked burger. I can’t think of any

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Queso is pretty close for me, although I usually go for the gyro at Stamna or the Chikn Parm at Joyce’s when I am over there.

I will see if I can get one of those Mexican burgers with the guac & jalapeno and report back.

I heard a rumour they are going to do a haunted house at Lincroft Inn this year…

Queso Grill is good, but it’s not a real Mexican restaurant…

But it says it’s Gourmet Mexican, and they have Burritos, Tacos, Nachos, and Quesadillas on the menu…

I went there one time and it’s not bad. It’s like going to a relatives house that cooks with old el paso taco kits. Dude it up with some sour cream, hot sauce, salasa, lettuce, jalapenos and bada-bing…you have a gringo taco that isn’t half bad. I remember their habanero salsa had some actual heat, unlike this “ghost pepper” marketing crap. I guess if it was better I would have been back, but I can see why it is still open when that shopping center has a super high turn-over rate.

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I like Old El Paso tacos occasionally. Its like being a kid again. Although now I usually make em with Turkey.

Btw, these are huge in Sweden. Somebody started a Taco Tisdag (taco Tuesday) thing over there a couple years back and it really took off.

Old El paso is big there or taco Tuesday in general?

If I was closer I’d like to try the ayce taco Tuesday at 10th ave but then again, a plate of lb or rb tacos usually does the trick and they are tasty. I think it’s the novelty of ayce that I want to try. @joonjoon have you ever hammered some of these down?

Taco Tuesday with the ole El Paso kits that would survive a nuclear Holocaust.

They even have their own face book page.

Some people do it on Fridays too.

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Then this talks about tacos all week long.

Which could be a little overboard.

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That’s pretty cool that they are into that.

Check this new spot out. I won’t comment :slight_smile: I’ll let the vik take the lead lol

You know the bison burger at Kitchen Organic over in the bario is not bad.

It is a little spendy at $ 17 though.

I’m not a big bison guy. I prefer some fatty burgers. :slight_smile:

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