Red Bank redux version 2.0 [NJ]

How is a byob place serving Mexican food going to even have a chance of surviving with that rent? They might as well put another half ass Italian joint in red bank or another mclooneys

Maybe I’m missing some thing but I can’t see a Mexican place lasting there long without liquor.

How many Mexican places are in rb? I can count at least 6 and these aren’t including bodegas, bakeries etc

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Yes, evidently you did!

You did in fact miss the great cupcake boom of 2013. It was a sight to behold!

I really can’t believe they actually referred to red bank as having a cupcake boom.

Red Bank needs a real serious Italian deli. I can’t fathom why there isn’t one. Delfini was OK but when you get 5 soccer mom escalades jockeying for position in a 30 yard parking lot, things get tough. Parking used to be terrible there and I wouldn’t even park in that lot. Local smoke seems to be hadling it a lot better.

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Hmm, did they have any with sprinkles?

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Wow Giants suck again tonight, against Detroit even.

Any good food at MetLife?

What a mess. I can’t believe they can’t beat the lions. Sigh

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Food was compliments of chicken holiday in Matawan, not bad for what it was. Actually it was much better than the game but not the company. (My son and two nephews)


It should at least be “Sur del Rio”. “Sur de Rio” is a region of Brazil.

Well as I always say a Chicken Holiday is better than No Holiday.

That said, Wow ! @NotJrvedivici you do not look happy.


Was that shot taken in the 3rd quarter?

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Red Bank has been chosen as a meet up spot with some college buddies I haven’t seen in a long time. Need a location on a Thursday night where we can grab a meal and linger over beers for a few hours. Suggestions?

If by meal you mean burger sandwich etc. I would say Red Rock is probably the best place to go have a few beers and hang out. Next for a similar type of atmosphere would be Robinson’s Ale House, even as much as it pains me to recommend a McLoone’s brand it’s a good place to grab a beer and burger.


Yeah I know…I feel like I need a shower now to get the McLoone’s stink off of me now. Sorry

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The Brothers for thin crust pizza.

The bar at 4:30 pm is like Red Bank’s Living Room.

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For a burger I would go to Barnacle Bills in Rumson.

Follow instructions!! I bet you never colored inside the lines as a child!!! + 1 for Brothers though.

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Red Rock is good too, but I always end up driving to Barnacles once I get on River Road with burgerliciouness in mind.

In that area of RB the Globe also used to have a decent burger, could be worth a try. Has anybody been lately?

Lines ? What lines?


+1 on barnacles. It’s 5 minutes outside or red bank

Last time I checked they also had the blue point toasted lager on tap…

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