Recs for Kitchen Faucets or Taps

Do you have a faucet or tap you love?
I’m looking for a new one.

I’m looking for something well-made but fairly basic, without a sensor.

Open to all your comments.

I have Moen and American Standard in the kitchens, no comparison… AS gets the win.

But the bathrooms are all done with Kohler and are superior.

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Will share something I learned the hard way. In our old house there was a particular Koehler kitchen faucet I liked, though the high mineral content of our water kept corroding the insides. Turned out that the kitchen faucet I was purchasing from Home Depot was constructed less durably than a version sold by the plumbing supply house. Replacing that faucet every couple of years got expensive.

So we haven’t bought any faucets/taps from a big box store for eight years or so. Anything from a plumbing supply house, while significantly pricier initially, has yet to need replacing after years of service. Though again, the water in our area is notably tough on plumbing.


Thank you!

Our last faucet was chosen by our plumber and would have come from a plumbing supplier , but it wasn’t as durable or as nicely designed (from a design point of view) as I would have liked.


Thanks! I have Kohler in my bathroom, too.

No idea what brand of kitchen faucet I’m replacing. I don’t think it was AS, and it definitely wasn’t Kohler or Moen.

I switched to Delta a few years ago. I had some issues with other manufacturers, but not Delta.
Moreover, Delta has FREE lifetime replacement parts. I keep a file folder with all my Delta receipts, if I ever need a cartridge or stem or whatever… its free!!


Kohler also has free chargers and other parts!

I didn’t know that… Been some years since I installed a Kohler, so I can’t speak to their quality or longevity.

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We had a forced remodel of our kitchen last year after a big roof leak. I love the Moen pull down faucet we got. I’ve never had a new modern faucet before, and it’s great!


I have had a Grohe Concetto since 2011 that I really like. Functions great, feels great and looks (imo) great. Never had a problem with it is great quality.

(from Grohe’s site)


This one.

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Nice looking faucet!

Thanks for the link!

Are you looking for brand recommendations or style/feature recommendations? Koehler and Delta are good brands, though I have more experience with Delta myself. My kitchen sink is just from a big box store . It was reasonably priced, and I haven’t had much issues with it (9+ yrs now) except the faucet head. It’s got cheaper plastic parts that are prone to ‘sticking’ if you toggle between a spray and non-spray. The company has a lifetime warranty for replacement parts, and, to their credit, they’ve sent me a replacement 2x without much fuss. Since I don’t need a spray function, it’s not been a big headache for me.

Now if you want features, I personally dislike the pull out hose in the head or sprayer function. Getting that thing back in has never been smooth, and I hate to think what happens if it’s ever stuck. I have one that has a tall flexible neck and I love it; can’t imagine going back to a regular faucet. Mine came with that side soap dispenser garbage; do those ever stay functional? It clogged within 2 years and I now ignore that part. Don’t bother with that until they figure out how to build one that doesn’t clog.


I got get the part that clogs on Amazon.

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How often do you have to reorder it? I used to be diligent and clean out the clog, but I started having to do this about every 3-4 weeks and stopped bothering with it.

Only once. Husband wanted to replace the pump part and I googled how to figure out what’s wrong, and learned about the parts.

I bought two, but one was the wrong part. I think it was this one that worked.

That was in November 2020

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@Phoenikia , do you mind saying why without a sensor? There were some wiring issues when we got our latest sink, but other than that, I often appreciate not having to touch it.

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Just think it’s prob too fancy for my small 1950s kitchen, and I don’t have confidence my plumber will install it properly .

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